Renovate Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

You renovate a home based on three things: you want to freshen up your space a little, your needs changed, or you want increase the value of your home. And of course, you want to do it the most quick, easy, and inexpensive way.

No matter how trendy and expensive your home is, it gets a little tiring after a while. Try other ways to enliven your home with a little renovation, instead of just moving furniture around. The following seven home makeover ideas are just enough to help you on your way.

Three Words: Clean, De-clutter, Organize

You may think that it’s some kind of controlled chaos, but a messy house is always a source of stress no matter how you look at it. Begin your renovation by clearing the area. Remove everything, from appliances to home accessories. It is better if you empty a room so you can see the potential of your space, like how an artist begins a masterpiece with a blank canvas.

Cleaning clutter can be overwhelming, so break your house into small areas. Pile everything into separate containers and label them for trashing, donating, and selling. It’s important that you are serious with organizing your home because the more you keep yourself attached to things, the more clutter you’re going to have. So, if you haven’t used an item for the last six months, toss it away. You can sell usable items for extra money for your home makeover. For other unwanted items, contact charitable organizations and donate them. Unusable items should be trashed right away, so keep a huge bin for collection of the recycling trucks. Clean the entire place, making sure that all the dirt that had collected in the corners and underneath the furniture are all rid off. Clean all windows and floors of other grime and odd marks.

Repair What’s Broken

You cannot have a clean, beautiful home with a leaky roof or a busted pipe. Fix broken things before it causes more problems in the future. If you think that it is going to be expensive, then think of how much it is going to cost you when the damage gets worse. And besides, there are plenty of tutorials online so you can try learning how to do it yourself rather than hiring someone else to do it for you.

Fresh Paint

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Applying a fresh coat of paint, whether of the same or different color, dramatically sets the tone of a space. Aside from being one of the cheapest renovation solutions, simply adding or changing the color on your walls- or furniture- can create a whole new ambiance to your home. It can give a clean impression, bring out character in a room, give the illusion of a cozier or bigger space, and makes occupants feel more comfortable.

When you go shopping for a paint color, you’ll need to take into consideration the existing theme in your home – your furniture, upholstery, carpets, tiles, and so on- unless you’ll be changing them too. Create a ‘mood board’ where you’ll attach swatches and trim samples. This way, you’ll have a better idea on the entire concept that you’d like to go for. Be sure to take everything with you whenever you go shopping for your home renovation needs.

Recycle, Upcycle, Restore

When you have little money to spend, it’s the perfect time to get creative. There are plenty of information on the internet on how to upcycle and restore your old things so they can breathe new life into your living spaces.

Often times, people have great things inside their home but are blind to it because they have been around it too long. After decluttering your home, you should be able to rediscover some beautiful things that you didn’t know you have and what you can do with.

If you have old coffee mugs, you can use them as little herb pots. If you have scrap fabrics, turn them into art works that you can hang on your wall. Reupholster your sofas or chairs. If it proves to be difficult or expensive, just change the cushion or put a nicely fitted slipcover.

You don’t have to replace other upholstery like worn-out curtains and rugs; you can simply remove them entirely to make a dramatic difference. This also goes for outdated, broken and inadequate lighting. If you don’t want new fixtures, try to enliven them by increasing the wattage of the bulbs. You can also try painting or gilding the fixtures, or even change the shades of the lamps. You can cheaply enhance the mood of an area by changing the way you illuminate them.

Go Energy Efficient

Changing your old appliances to new ones will give your home a totally different look especially if most of your appliances are old and outdated. The recent decades brought change in their design and have all taken a more sleek, stylish and contemporary appearance. Just by looking, it is easy to tell whether an appliance was made during the past decade or just now. They also help save electricity consumption, lower your utility expenses, and help save the environment, compared to old appliances that tend to use up more energy and emit hazardous gases, such as CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons, due to wear and tear.

It can get pretty expensive, but you can purchase one new appliance at a time. You can save money by waiting for the best time to shop, around the third quarter of the year, when most items are on sale because stores are under pressure to clear space for the new arrivals. Also, buying a floor model, or new appliances with small Scratches and Dents can have huge slashes on their original prices.

Accessorize Your Home

As with clothing, your home can be very basic, but by adding some beautiful accessories, you can change the look and feel of any space without breaking the bank.

Accessories can be purchased new or used. The idea is to instantly transform an area just by adding interest and changing simple things like window curtains or blinds, rugs, and lighting fixtures.

Consider getting some new table settings which you can easily change to fit the season. Look for bright colors and bold patterns (something totally different than what is currently being used). Bring in large vases in any color, or spray paint them to a desired color. If you have clear glass vases, fill it with pebbles, shells, or a variety of colorful items that create visual excitement. Replace artwork with simple or decorative mirrors; it adds an incredible level of depth, and gives the room a new look. Give bathrooms a makeover too with just a simple shower curtain change.

Add Finishing Touches

If you can, consider inexpensive ways to create new looks like adding new baseboards, window trim or even crown molding. Trims are a great way to add style to an outdated home and create a finished, sophisticated look in interiors and other furnishings.

For a more contemporary approach, try adding wall decals to that can be removed easily when it’s time for change. The great thing about wall decals is they are easy to apply and can be used repeatedly.

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