Plan and Remodel Your Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom is an exciting project to take on and with careful planning and plenty of elbow grease it can be a very rewarding experience. It’s good to remember though that even the best laid plans can run off course and when they do it’s simply a matter of getting back on course as soon as possible. That being said, here are a few tips to help you plan out your bathroom remodel.

Task One – Design Your New Bathroom

Roughly draw up the design of how you want the new bathroom to be. If you’re on a tight budget aim to keep existing plumbing in the same place, however, if you can afford to start from scratch then do so to ensure you make the most of all the available space and light in the room.

With the help of your local bathroom supplies specialist, select the shower recess and other bathroom fixtures and fittings to suit the room size and overall style of the home. Most bathroom showrooms have design and color consultants who can help you with the final decision making process in terms of placement, design and sizes for all your bathroom furniture.

Task Two – Demolish vs. Reusing

Gutting your existing bathroom is the next step on the road to a new bathroom. Carefully remove and preserve any existing fixtures and fittings you plan to use in the newly fitted bathroom or even those fixtures you plan to sell.

If there was ever a task that could derail your project plan this second one is it. Demolishing things sounds easy enough but it can prove much more difficult and time consuming than expected, particularly if stubborn ceramic tiles come into play. Allow at least two days to complete this part of the job and even more time if removal of rubbish is via a difficult pathway such as stairs.

Task Three – Repair Damage

Now is the time to call in a handyman if you’re not handy yourself and have any underlying floor and wall damage repaired. It’s never a good idea to install a new bathroom over surfaces that are in poor condition so take a few days now to ensure longevity of your soon to be installed new bathroom.

Task Four – Plumbing

Over the next few days your plumber will need to bring all the relevant pipes through to their new positions. This can be a reasonably quick and easy job and really give you a sense of progress once it’s done.

Task Five – Electrical Work

Any electrical work can now be completed over a day or two depending on whether you’re installing items such as heat lamps, new lighting and exhaust fans. Try not to skimp on electrical outlets, as they’re always handy to have for items such as hair dryers, small heaters, shavers and the like.

Task Six – Insulation and Sheetrock

If walls have been removed and insulation and new plaster work is required the next few days should see these two jobs completed. If your bathroom is particularly large allow a little longer than two days.

Task Seven – Install Vanity

The bathroom furniture such as the vanity should be installed at this stage, ready for the wall and floor tiler to come along immediately after.

Task Eight – Tile Walls and Floor

Your new bathroom is starting to take shape and now it’s time for the wall and floor tiler to really bring things to life. A small room can easily be tiled one day and grouted the next so a total of two days should see this job finished.

Task Nine – Almost Done!

At this point of the project there will be a sense of excitement and a little bit of exhaustion but you’re on the home stretch. The plumber is able to return now and connect things such as the toilet and hand basin, install the showerhead and faucets and seal off various joins with waterproof sealant as well as install the shower recess.

Task Ten – Finishing Touches

Finally you are able to add the finishing touches to your new bathroom. Firstly, give the room a thorough clean as there will be plenty of dust and grime built up by now. Now you can add all those finishing touches, such as luxurious bathroom accessories, deluxe towels, mirrors and any other special items you’ve been patiently waiting to display.

All remodeling projects can be exciting and rewarding but renovating a bathroom is particularly so. Now you can stand back and see your gleaming new bathroom there is nothing left to do but to soak in a luxurious bath or take a relaxing shower in the comfort of your very own mini oasis. Go right ahead, after all that careful planning and hard work you deserve it.

Soniya is an interior decorator and social media blogger for QS Supplies, the online shop for Bathroom Furniture and home décor fixtures (for UK citizens).


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