Peace and Quiet in my Bathroom

I didn’t develop a yen for space-saving bathroom cabinets until I decided to work from home and realized that the only zen I could get between phones ringing, kids demands and household chores was within the privacy of my bathroom.

Bathroom Facelift

I’ve used the same old bathroom for almost 25 years with nary a complaint; however, the more time I spent at home, the more I was driven to make changes. I would marvel at those TV home makeovers and my mouth would practically water over fixtures, paint, and finishes. I had the perfect excuse to do a bit of bathroom makeover; after all, as a writer, I needed to get inspired and the mess just wasn’t conducive to brainstorming for what could be the next greatest American novel!

My bathroom (which used to be the guest powder room) didn’t look like those cute and trendy ones featured in home magazines – in fact it looked very 70’s. Fortunately, there was nothing structurally wrong with my bathroom. It just looked way past its prime; somewhere between menopause and oblivion.

First to go was the peeling wallpaper which reminded me that I had horrid taste when I was younger. I assumed I am more elegant now so psychedelic prints are totally out of the question. Muted paint in silk finish, fresh lighting and a few well chosen prints took care of that.

Bathroom Cabinets to the Recue

Though happy with my first touch-up, I soon realized that a plain, old medicine cabinet would no longer suffice. I have an inordinate fondness for make-up, shampoos, lotions and all anti-agers – with a huge collection to match and nowhere to store them in. Mind you, I don’t apply the entire gunk on my face and hair – for some strange reason I simply collect them, just like Imelda did with shoes. I also had a lot of health supplements and other well-loved stuff otherwise known as clutter which simply cried out for more space!

My old vanity had to go in favor of an extended counter with a modular cabinet which hid the plumbing beautifully and was extremely functional with its pullouts and racks. I also had matching wall racks installed to hold books, candles, oils, scents and fluffy towels. The now useless medicine cabinet was replaced by a long span of mirror which reflected the light and made the bathroom look bigger. As an afterthought, I also installed an over-the-toilet cabinet but didn’t go for a built-in-hamper since I had grown quite attached to my old one made of wicker.

Bathroom Cabinets: Beautiful and Functional

When choosing your own bathroom cabinets, keep in mind that these cabinets create the biggest impact – they define the style and feel of the bathroom. Base your cabinet requirements upon your present needs plus an “allowance” for future requirements especially if you are a hoarder.

You can opt for DIY bathroom cabinets if you are handy with tools. The Internet is convenient but the downside is you are unable to touch the paneling or visualize readily if it fits in with the rest of your fixtures.

The choices in terms of style, price and finish are quite endless. Just remember that the cabinetry does not need to match the rest of the house – it just needs to match your personality.


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