Multi-Tasking Solar Screens are “Green”

One of the best secrets for “Going Green” is an item that isn’t just energy efficient, but enhances the comfort of your family’s home life as well.

Shade is an Asset

If you happen to live in an area where big beautiful shade trees are nowhere in sight, there is an increased burden in the form of energy costs to keep indoor temperatures down.    One solution gaining increased awareness around more of the world is solar screens.  They replace the traditional screen with a material engineered to block up to 70-80% of the sun’s heat so it never even gets to the window.

Solar Screens have several  benefits once installed:

  • Heat penetration is reduced by 80%
  • Power consumption is reduced
  • Attractive exterior features
  • Keeps home décor from fading: furniture, carpet and drapes

Solar Screen Heat Reduction

As an example, let’s say there are 230 British Thermal Units hitting your solar screen. A solar screen has the capability to block 184 of those 230 BTU’s coming through the screen and hit a window’s exterior surface. If your home has double-paned windows on top of that, the remaining 46 BTU’s are further reduced to 35 BTU’s before reaching inside of your home. With a little math you will find 85 percent of the sun’s rays stay out of your home using these solar screens, by dividing 230 BTU’s (the number you started off with) by 35 BTU’s (the number you ended with).

Decorator Approved

There are several options available when choosing a solar screen and matching the décor around your home. Some screen are almost invisible, others will match exterior walls around a home and accent colors, which further accentuate the look of the home.

No More High Air-Conditioning Bills

With the sun less obtrusive and the reduction of its rays coming into your home, your air conditioner has never had it this good in the summer and your bill will provide the proof. You will be able to enjoy the sun without having to endure the heat or pay for it on your next electricity bill.

Costs involved: Will Your Power Bill Drop?

Once installed, it shouldn’t take long to see the effects of the solar screens.   Every month that passes supports you decision until the screens have paid for themselves and you are enjoying the lasting cost savings of your investment.   It doesn’t require a huge investment to achieve green living and solar screen contractors should be willing to give you a free estimate as an incentive to “go green.”

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