Maintenance Tips for Your Stone Kitchen Benchtop

Your kitchen bench tops are probably the most important part of your kitchen. Knowingly or unknowingly they assist you through various cumbersome kitchen chores. Sometimes these kitchen stone bench tops carry the extra heavy load for you while, other times they serve as your resting chairs. Being so closely knit into your life, the kitchen bench tops deserve the right care and handling as you do for any other important thing in your life.

Taking care of your granite kitchen benchtops is not a very tedious task. There are just a few things that you need to keep in your mind while maintaining these bench tops, especially the ones made out of granite. Granite stands between 7 and 9 on the MOHS hardness scale of 10 and is not get scratched easily. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that your granite kitchen benchtops are well taken care of and remain in good condition for years:

  1. In case any stains show up on your kitchen bench tops, you should clean them immediately before they penetrate into the surface of the stone.

  2. Clean the surface of your granite kitchen bench tops regularly using dishwashing liquid, stone soap, war water and neutral cleaner.

  3. In the case where there is an organic stain on your kitchen bench tops, you can try a mix of ammonia and 12 per cent hydrogen peroxide. This helps in the removal of organic stains like fruit juice, tea, coffee etc.

  4. Use a soft cloth to clean your granite kitchen bench tops. Harsh cloths or scratching can prove harmful for the bench tops.

  5. If a dark coloured stone has got an ink stain or marker stain, you can use acetone solution to get rid of the stain without much effort. You can also try this trick on wine stains.

  6. It is advisable to reseal the counter top of your kitchen bench top every two years. For the areas of the bench top which is used to prepare food, use a non-toxic sealer.

  7. Use disinfectant cleaners that are specially designed for granite kitchen bench tops.

If you follow these simple steps in maintaining your stone and granite kitchen bench tops, you will most likely increase the lifespan of your stone bench top.

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