Maintaining The Perfect Bathroom With Regular Repairs

It’s common knowledge that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home – not only will a stylish bathroom offer homeowners the comfort and enjoyment they need in their own abode, but it will also significantly raise the value and saleability of a home should the time ever come to pack up and move.

Yet unfortunately, it’s easy for a bathroom to fall into disrepair, with that luxury bathroom able to quickly take a turn for the worse. Substandard cleaning can leave mold building up between tiles and slippery surfaces can result in items being dropped and cracks appearing in the surfaces of showers and sinks.

For that reason, it’s vital that you keep on top of the maintenance, cleaning and repairs that a bathroom requires. For example, one of the most common things to crack and break in the bathroom is the shower tray. This is because the entire locale is one huge slippery surface, meaning that heavy items such as large bottles of shampoo can easily be dropped, often resulting in the appearance of a crack in the tray.

Not only is such a crack unsightly, depending on the nature and severity of the crack, it can easily cause more severe problems such as leakage. The two options in this situation are to replace the shower tray or opt for shower tray repair. Replacing the tray can be a good idea if the whole shower area is starting to look tired, worn or dated, as this an ideal opportunity to install a new shower. However, if the remainder of the area is still in good condition, shower tray repair is undoubtedly the best option.

The benefits of repairs such as shower tray repair and similar repairs to bath tubs, sinks or toilets is that they are quick

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and cheap to complete, with the right professional being able to achieve results that are almost invisible to the naked eye. This can ensure that the bathroom stays in tip-top condition, without the need to splash the cash on expensive replacements.

It’s also quite common for people to neglect to properly ventilate their bathroom. This can cause a succession of problems, namely a build-up of mold and an unsightly scent of damp. Not only will this make the bathroom unpleasant to use, but it will also drastically affect the saleability of the home, particularly since that upon smelling the damp, prospective buyers may become suspicious that the problem with damp is not confined to this solitary room.

If the bathroom is located on an outside wall of the building, therefore benefiting from a window, it is important that the window is opened and the room is allowed to air on a regular basis – even throughout the colder months. If the bathroom is on the inside of the building (as is commonplace in apartments and en-suites), then it is vital that a high quality ventilation fan is installed, and that this is maintained properly, in order to minimize the build-up of mold and damp.

However, due to wet conditions, it is inevitable that some mold will begin to form in a bathroom – no matter how well ventilated. The easiest way to remove mold is by purchasing a specialist mold remover. However, if the mold is dealt with as soon as it appears a standard bathroom cleaner or bottle of bleach should suffice.

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The most important point is that the bathroom needs to be regularly maintained in order for it to stay in good condition and prevent it from descending into a state for which only gutting and refitting it will suffice. The fact is, we’re stuck in a recession that shows no sign of lifting and many of us can’t afford to completely remodel a bathroom in order to be in a position to sell. However, by staying on top of the cleaning and repairs, such as investing small amounts of money into shower tray repair or repairs to the sink or bath tub, we can ensure that the bathroom is in a fit state to sell, as well as being a pleasant place to while away an hour in the bath in the meantime.

And even if the room itself is beginning to look somewhat tired, a fresh lick of paint to the walls or even some new flooring can make a world of difference, completely eliminating the need to fork out for a new bathroom suite, and ensuring the bathroom is pleasant to use as well as standing as a superb selling point.

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of Hometech, experts in repairs around the home. James writes on many subjects including home design and refurbishment.

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