Kitchen Faucets

Two important items in thinking about new kitchen faucets are their construction and configuration.

All follow the same basic design–they are one pipe connected to another via a hole through which water flows.

Turn the faucet handle to close the hole and stop the flow. You can buy faucets to suit your home décor and personality!

You can find kitchen faucets in traditional stainless steel and antiqued bronze or copper and even waterfall type faucets!

Modern kitchen faucets are usually made of brass, an alloy that’s durable and rust resistant. New materials, like the ceramic disks, which have replaced rubber washers, mean new kitchen faucets are less likely to spring a leak.

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One of the most important considerations when purchasing your new kitchen faucet is to buy something you like, and that matches the rest of the décor! You will be living with your choice every day for a long time to come, so making sure you like your kitchen faucet is important! Center set faucets have the valve and spout in one unit.

Dual handle faucets have one for hot water and one for cold; water temperature depends on how far you turn each valve. Single lever faucets have one lever or knob; water temperature depends on how far to the right or left that lever or knob is turned or pulled.

Kitchen Faucets

Waterfall faucets (also called a vessel faucet) feature a wide stem that creates a waterfall effect to the flow. Many of these have a modern, pop-art look and use uncommon materials, such as glass or ceramics to achieve a unique appearance.

A waterfall faucet would be an excellent choice for the post-modern home that’s filled with the latest and greatest hi-tech toys.

You should also consider the type of sinks you have. You won’t want to use a single handle center set faucet if your sink has three holes for a widespread faucet.

What do you like? Do you prefer a modern or traditional look? Sleek or sassy? What are the accessories and colors in your bathroom or kitchen? Whatever you have chosen, or are planning to choose, there is a faucet and a finish that will fit in beautifully.

Remember that a kitchen faucet is not only a fashion or decorative statement, but also an investment. Spending a little more now can save you greatly in the long run.

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