Installing Crown Molding

Want to add elegance and flair to a room? Crown molding will make a dramatic and instant effect!

Be forewarned though – installing crown molding is not difficult, but it is extremely tiring on your back, neck and shoulders!

First you need to figure out how many linear feet of molding you will need. Experts say to add 10% to that number for trimming and errors, but in my experience adding about 15% is a closer bet. Next you will Select the style and finish you want for your new crown molding. There are so many possibilities from plain simple straight lines to more ornate decorative molding.

Decorative Molding

Take your time and choose one you like and that will complement your decor! You should also choose the finish (paint or stain) that you will be using on the crown molding, and apply it before you install the crown molding. Trust me on that! I learned the hard way.

Try to buy your trim in lengths that will need as few splices as possible. In some cases splices are unavoidable but the fewer there are the better the finished job will look. (Very long walls may have to be spliced – 14 to 16 feet is about the longest you will find in most trim pieces and these longer pieces are more susceptible to warping and damage.)

Doing trim work is easier and more accurate with a comfortable place to work. This should consist of a long bench set up at a comfortable height – this can be as simple as several long 2-by-4s laid out on top of saw horses. This will hold your miter saw (electric or manual) and support the trim as you work on it. A Miter saw will cut your corners easier than other types of saw.

Use a heavy plank and two sturdy sawhorses or rent scaffolding on wheels to use as a platform to stand on while installing the molding. I did it using a ladder, and nearly fell several times, so I recommend a sturdier method!

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