How to Plan Your Next Kitchen

Fitted kitchens can cost a fortune, and getting them fitted can be quite disruptive. They’re not something you’re going to want to shell out for every couple of years, so it’s important that you get the design right first time. These tips will help you to plan the perfect fitted kitchen.

Choose Your Tone

Do you want a shiny, modern, clean kitchen with near-indestructible stainless steel undermount sinks and a huge stainless steel cooker with an extractor fan? Or, would you prefer a more homely kitchen with wicker vegetable baskets and oak counter tops? Perhaps a compromise, with granite work surfaces and matching granite undermount sinks, along with a concealed cooker and floor-to-ceiling cupboards on the back wall?

It’s likely that some of those design options will appeal, while others will horrify you. Pick the design that matches your preferences, and work from there.

Plan Your Layout

If your kitchen is quite small and cramped, then you probably want to find a compromise between storage and workspace – build up, rather than out – and cover your walls with as many cupboards as you can, whilst still giving yourself some counter space down below.

If your room is bigger, but you still feel like you never have enough space to work, consider an island layout. These are becoming quite popular, as they reclaim unused space in the middle of the room, helping you manage clutter and maximise workspace at the same time.

Don’t forget that stainless steel undermount sinks are a good way to reclaim counter space. You may only save a few inches on each side, but it’s amazing how quickly those inches can mount up. If you have granite counter tops, then granite undermount sinks not only help with saving space, they look nice too.

What Do You Use?

The biggest consideration you should have when planning a new kitchen layout is which appliances will get used most frequently. If you can’t live without your toaster, coffee maker, blender, sandwich maker, and microwave, then make sure that you’ll have enough space – and enough plugs – to use them all.

If you’re more a hob and pans kind of person, then make sure you’ll have space to store all your pots and pans, and that you have enough space to work with them all. There’s nothing worse than going to cook in your new kitchen, and finding that the space around the cooker is so cramped you can’t fit all your pans on the stove!

If you’re a hoarder, then it’s worth measuring up all your existing cupboard space, and making sure that you’ll be able to fit everything in your new kitchen. Don’t forget that stainless steel undermount sinks take up more room on the underside than traditional overmount sinks – so you may find that your gorgeous granite undermount sinks are an inconvenience in other ways. If you have enough cleaning products under your sink right now to run a hotel cleaning service, make sure you plan for that when calculating the amount of cupboard space you’ll need in your new kitchen!

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of the Kitchen Appliance Centre who can supply stainless steel undermount sinks and granite undermount sinks. James is currntly renovating his own home and enjoys writing on the subject of home improvements.

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