How to Adapt your Home as you Get Older

As we get older often the biggest worry we have is being able to use our homes easily if mobility becomes an issue.
Often older people feel their only option is to move to a smaller home on one level that has been adapted to suit their needs, but it is possible to adapt the home you currently live in so that you don’t have to go through the stress and expense of moving.

Bathroom Adaptations

When we lose mobility using the bathroom can become a chore. Many of us take things like bathing for granted but many of us have our showering facilities within the bath. This means that in order to use the shower it’s necessary to step in and out of the bath tub. That’s easy until mobility becomes an issue, when a small thing like using the shower can become a mountainous task.

Custom Elegant Bathroom Theme

If you are having trouble using your bathroom then you could opt to fit a level access showering area which does not need to be stepped into. This can include a seat to make showering much easier. Hand rails can be fitted around toilets which will make your convenience far more convenient.

Many people are put off bathroom adaptations because they feel they aren’t aesthetically pleasing but today there are lots of companies who are producing really stylish bathroom adaptations that will not take anything away from your decor.

Stair Safety

One of the main reasons why elderly people feel forced to leave their homes is because they no longer feel safe using the stairs. However domestic lifts like stair lifts can be fitted to most types of stairs and can be used to cover several levels. Stair lifts are a great way to adapt your home as they are much cheaper than moving and are also very safe. All stair lifts are fitted with a safety barrier so it’s pretty much impossible to fall out. In addition stair lifts come equipped with a battery pack for backup power so that the lift will continue on it’s journey in the event of a power cut.

Kitchen Adjustments

Sometimes reduced mobility can affect our ability to use the kitchen. That’s because appliances like hobs and essential equipment like your kitchen sink can become difficult to use. You can buy kitchen appliances that have been adapted for ease of use so you won’t need to struggle to turn on your hob or turn off your taps. Rise and fall units can be fitted with sink included meaning that wheelchair uses or those with mobility problems can easily tackle cooking, cleaning and washing up from a seated position.

Mobility in the Bedroom

When mobility is an issue then getting out of bed can become a chore. One way to remedy the problem is to use an electric bed. You can buy all kinds of electric beds which are remotely controlled and move to help you get out of bed easily. Most look fantastic and you would never know that they were hiding a secret ability to help you in and out of bed!
So if you are worried about being able to get around your home easily then don’t despair, you may not need to move if you choose to adapt your home.

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