Getting a Home Theater Set-up: 8 Tips for Convincing Your Spouse

So you found the killer home theater system you’ve always wanted. The trouble is that your spouse isn’t as enthusiastic about the whole affair as you are. Maybe he thinks you can’t afford it, or she believes that the television set you have now is fine. What can you do? Here are eight ideas for negotiating with the one you love.

1. Save up the money secretly. Once you reveal what you want to your spouse, you will have the money set aside to buy it.

2. If there is no way to save the money from your present income, find other ways to pay for it. How much is the theater system? One thousand dollars? Two? Do you want it badly enough to take a second job or work more hours to pay for it? Consider a work from home job if you don’t want to be away from your children or spouse any more time than you already are.

3. If the love of your life doesn’t want a home theater system because he or she doesn’t understand how great one can be, see if you can get a friend or co-worker to invite you over for an evening of watching their home theater system. Once your spouse sees the quality of picture and sound, he may want one as much as you do.

4. If your spouse is suffering from if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it syndrome, check out buying just pieces of the home theater system that you don’t already have. Is there a set of speakers that will interface with the television you have now? Do you want a game controller to go with your current DVD? You may be able to get by with just adding parts of the home theater system to the unbroken appliances you have.

5. Its easier to get forgiven than it is to get permission. If you are bold, try buying the home theater setup you want without asking your spouse first. Then when your partner comes home, smile and say “I’ve got it all set up, but here are the boxes and the receipts. If you say we can’t have it, then I won’t object to your taking it all apart and hauling it back to the store. But for tonight, let’s enjoy it.” Chances are your spouse won’t take it back.

6. Compromise. You may not get the great setup you want, but if your spouse is willing to go with a less-expensive system, you will at least get something better than what you have now.

7. Let your spouse know its not just for you. An important part of negotiating for a home theater system is to convince your partner that it will improve life for the whole family. You can show off pictures of the theater system you want and tell your love how everyone will enjoy it.

8. Be patient and respectful. Hopefully you love your partner more than you do the home theater system and you want a happy, healthy marriage more than you want a sound surround speaker system. You can talk about what you want, but you must also listen to your spouse’s objections. They may be valid. If the credit cards are maxed out and the bills are too high now, that home theater may have to wait until you can afford it.

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