Five Reasons to Choose Vinyl Roofing

1) You have a flat or low-sloped roof.

Vinyl roofing can be a great choice if you have a flat or low-sloped roof. This is because it comes prefabricated in a single sheet, and it is designed to perfectly fit to your flat roof. This kind of PVC roofing helps to eliminate seams during installation and makes for a custom leak-proof fit.

2) You want something energy efficient.

Vinyl roofing material is among the most energy efficient choices that you can select for your building. Many PVC roofing membranes come with great reflective surfaces, dirt repelling capabilities and insulation benefits. This is why some of them are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star products program. Energy Star products help you conserve energy, thus helping the environment and your wallet. With vinyl roofing, it’s easy to keep the hot sun from bearing down on your roof (and thus heating up the top floor of your home). It also is well insulated at the same time, which keeps any wanted heat within your home rather than releasing it through your roof.

3) You have a low to no traffic roof.

A vinyl roof is best for those who have little to no foot traffic up top. This is because walking on your roof, especially in temperatures below 50 degrees, can cause damage through cracking, punctures and related wear. Businesses may be a good candidate for PVC roofing, because they often have less roof traffic than some residential homes.

4) You want something quickly and easily installed.

One big benefit of vinyl roofing is that commercial roofing professionals can install it quickly and easily. This is due to the fact that the roofing is prefabricated and can be designed to specifications in the factory. You can have your roof designed without lots of hammering and noise, because it only needs to adhere to the surface. It also doesn’t require any hazardous materials or nasty fumes to install. You can even get vinyl installed over another roofing surface without any demolition required. Due to the fact that there is no tear-off, hammering, cutting or messing with the roof materials, it takes far less time to install a PVC roof than conventional sorts made from shingles.

5) You crave durability and great warranties.

PVC roofs often carry very good warranties, and they can last for decades. Many of the best companies offer 15- to 20-year warranties (although you should research this ahead of time). You can often transfer these warranties to new owners if you sell your dwelling. In addition, PVC is resistant to many weather conditions and foreign substances, such as fire, chemicals, high winds, grease and even a range of extremes in temperature.


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