Environmentally Conscious Roofing – Three Reasons to Invest

If you’re environmentally concerned, chances are that you’re constantly searching for different products/services that will help you tread upon the planet more gently and make your conscience lighter. One of the biggest ways that we can conserve resources and reduce our carbon footprint on the Earth is by consuming less energy and using the energy that we do consume more efficiently. If you are a homeowner and/or business owner, you can use less energy—simultaneously benefiting the Earth and your wallet—with the installation of an environmentally friendly cool roof. Here are three ways that cool residential roofing and commercial roofing can help you and the planet.

1) These eco-conscious roofs conserve energy.

One of the big draws of cool roofing is that they contain a bright white roofing membrane. The color white is reflective, and as such, this membrane is able to reflect approximately 87.5% of the heat and light that beats down on your roof from the sun. Due to the fact that so much light is radiated and reflected, your home is able to stay cool in the hot months without absorbing heat. This can cut down substantially on electric bills for things like air conditioning. Conserving energy is a huge plus in terms of the environment!
The same goes for businesses. Since we often spend more time at work than at home, it makes sense to conserve energy in that realm, as well. The more businesses that invest in cool roofing, the bigger the positive environmental impact.

2) Cool roofs are responsibly manufactured/recyclable.

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Although some other roofing systems also help you conserve energy and cut costs, not all of them are manufactured in an environmentally ethical way. Certain cool roofing companies make sure that their components are built to last in closed-loop manufacturing facilities. If you have a sturdy roof that doesn’t need to be replaced as often as conventional roofing, it’s environmentally beneficial. However, if your roof does need to be replaced/repaired eventually, it’s good to go with a company that manufactures recyclable roof membranes.

3) They’re ideal for rooftop gardening systems.

If you are thinking about installing a rooftop garden on your business or property, cool roofing is ideal. Because these

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membranes are waterproof, they are well suited to support vegetation growth. You won’t have to worry about leaks or roof damage with cool roofing membranes under your garden, and you can enjoy the insulating benefits (keeping warmth in/out, depending on the season).

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