Creating a Living Space in Your Attic

An easy way to get more space in your home is to take advantage of the attic space. The space is already there, now you just need to make better use of it. These ideas will take your attic from grungy to glamorous and you will not want to leave home.

Make the best use of low ceilings around the perimeters by placing furniture there, such as beds, desks, book cases and dressers. The center is high enough for even a tall person to walk through without bending and the sides are tall enough for that same person to sit or lie down without feeling cramped. It lends a cozy atmosphere while windows, lighting, white paint and furnishings help to maintain a spacious look.

Here are some questions you may want to first consider:

  • What would you like to do with your attic?
  • Are there electrical outlets?
  • What do the walls look like?
  • What kind of flooring does your attic have?
  • What kind do you want?
  • What is the temperature like?
  • How much do you have to spend on this project?
  • How much time do you have to allot to the project?
  • Is the ceiling high enough?
  • Is the roof supported by conventional rafters or a *trussed system?
  • Are you considering selling your home later?

This home renovator made good use of the color white to make it look more spacious and even added a deck to take away the feeling of being closed in. The flooring is made of sisal to help absorb sounds and lessen the sounds heard from the rest of the home. Having an office here would almost be like having a retreat. Check out the window overlooking the desk where one can gaze into the sky or the backyard.

At the other end of the attic we find that the renovator again made great use of the color white and its ability to make an area look more spacious creating this luxurious bathroom; one more luxurious than what  you would expect to find in an attic.

Did you see the sky lights? These will be absolutely dreamy when one lies back to soak in a tub at night while gazing up at the stars. Set the alarm as you may fall asleep here. This is also an ideal setting for the peace lily as it loves moisture and does not need direct light or fertilizer. Did you know that the peace lily was acclaimed by NASA for its ability to remove several harmful toxins from the air and improve our environment?

*To figure out if your roof support is constructed of conventional rafters or a trussed system look at the boards between the floor and the roof. Do they form triangles? The roof and floor of a trussed system depend on one another for their strength. Do not remove any of these boards without consulting an engineer.

There may be boards which stretch from one roof pitch to another which are called collar ties. These (within limits) can be removed to add height to ceiling, but bear in mind while doing your remodeling job that while you may consider the area as completely habitable, to officially qualify as living space certain guidelines must be met. For example at least 60 square feet or 50% (whichever is greater) needs to have a minimum ceiling height of 7’6” and no area having a ceiling height of less than 5’ foot is considered as living space so it would not mean much for resale value.

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