Comparing Roller Garage Doors to Sectional Garage Doors

For many years the most common form of garage door installed into domestic properties was the up and over type canopy door that is often heavy to lift, offers no insulation value and is very easy to break through.

However, in recent years as homeowners have increasingly looked at ways of reducing energy consumption and better securing their property, there has been an increase in demand for other types of garage door that better meet their requirements.

Although there is now a wide range of garage doors available on the market, the 2 most popular forms are roller garage doors and the sectional garage door.

Roller Garage Doors

For homewoners looking to create additional storage space with the garage, a roller garage door is the ideal solution. Due to their compact design, the entrie door curtain of a roller garage door coils into a neat roll that is located behind the opening as opposed to retracting back into the garage like a one piece door. This in turn has the benefit of allowing more valuable storage space on the garage ceiling to be achieved.

A roller garage door opens vertically and as mentioned above rolls into a box behind the opening. This means that homeowners are able to park the car very close to the garage entrance without the fear of the door coming into contact with the vehicle as the door is opened and closed.  Additionally, for homes with short driveways, restricted space or where the garage fronts directly onto the road this type of door is the perfect product.

In the Uk garage roller doors can be broadly classed into 2 main categories;

Un-insulated Roller Doors

A very popular door type when the garage is detached from the main house or for the budget conscious homeowner. Manufactured from a single sheet of steel, a single skin roller door is available in a wide range of sizes, operating types and colours.  Although the door offers no insulating benefits, the appearance is identical to the more expensive insulated versions and offers the same high levels of security. With many retailers offering discount prices, single skin roller doors can be purchased for around £350 – £450 making them an affordable home improvement solution.

Insulated Roller Garage Doors

If the garage is attached to the main house or the space is used as a workshop etc then this is the best solution. Insulated roller garage doors are also ideal for homes with a bedroom located above the garage. The insulating properties of the door curtain will prevent valuable heat escaping from the home.Although more expensive than the single skin version, the additional benefits to the homeowner are well worth the initial outlay. Good quality insulated roller garage doors can be purchased from around £800.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors offer many of the same benefits as roller garage doors but with a few added extras and increased specifications.

Unlike roller garage doors where the door rolls up when open, sectional garage doors are comprised of a number of panels that are hinged together. When opened the door lifts vertically for approx ¾ the height of the opening then retracts back 90 degrees to sit horizontally within the garage roof space on metal runners. As the door does not roll up, sectional garage doors can be made to have the traditional appearance of an up and over garage door but with all the benefits of modern technology.

Although available as an un-insulated version, insulated sectional garage doors are the most popular type of door being installed into homes in the UK. A sectional garage door can be installed into most garages and are available in a wide range of bespoke sizes up to 7000mm for domestic applications.

With insulation levels of 1w/m2k, the door will make a dramatic difference to the temperature of the garage space and is the only sensible solution for homeowners looking to make significant reductions in their energy bills and environmental impact. Door panels are available in thicknesses of between 20-42mm depending upon budget and requirements. Compare this to an insulated roller door with a thickness of 18mm and a u value of 5w/m2k and the energy saving benefits are obvious.

The only slight drawbacks to the sectional garage door are that they do not allow the garage ceiling too be used for storage and are more time consuming to install.

To conclude, the only sensible solution to any homeowner looking to replace their tired old fashioned garage door is to install one of the above door types.


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