Bathroom Renovations Increase Home Value

Years ago the bathroom was an entirely functional part of the house.

Except for posh dwellings of the rich and famous, the bathroom has had very little emphasis on design and decor.

Times have changed, though; nowadays a plain and stark bathroom can be transformed into a haven of relaxation, just like the other rooms of the house.

With bathroom renovations, your memories of cramped space and hurried showers will forever be gone.

And most experts agree that completing bathroom renovations and/or adding a bathroom is one of the best ways to increase your home’s resale value.

In doing bathroom renovations, you must first analyze the current situation of the bathroom you plan to transform. Consider the space in the bathroom, its overall dimensions whether it’s too cramped and thus needs to be enlarged.

Do the shelves contribute more to the clutter rather than keeping the bathroom neat? Does the shower need a replacement? Try to check all the parts of the bathroom and after which determine what modifications should be done.

When planning for your made-to-measure bathroom, you need to choose a particular style of decoration; rustic, contemporary, or traditional.

Your choice holds importance for it will determine the choice of faucets, light fixtures, and other accents.

Determine what would give the bathroom an entirely new setting. Would the bathroom look better with new bath or a separate shower?

Is it okay if you place more storage space under the sink?  These questions might help you in your bathroom renovations. A few more light sources such as lamps and vanities may be of great help as well.

When seeking the right style for a bathroom renovation, you must consider its users and your desired bathroom features. This way your housemates will not be intimidated when using the bathroom.

The bathroom’s design and practicality should be given top priority during renovation. In a family bathroom, more space is required to accommodate the entire family and to provide larger storage.

It should usually be situated close to the bedroom area of the house. A typical family bathroom includes a toilet, vanity sink, and a tub, and shower.

Meanwhile, the master bathroom is normally large with features like a Jacuzzi tub, sauna, partitioned toilet, multiple sinks, as well as dressing area. A master bathroom is usually accessible only from the master bedroom, and serves as a private haven for the heads of the house.

Master bathrooms often display custom cabinets; ceramic or exotic stone tile, gilded bathroom faucets, and inlaid countertops.

You can do your bathroom renovations on your own or you can hire a contractor.

However, before you decide to take down your bathroom walls, make sure you have enough budget to finish the renovations all the way. Nothing is more annoying than an exposed sub-floor because you do not have enough money to buy the new tiles.

Bathroom renovations don’t have to be expensive, though. A great way to obtain bathroom features is to scour garage sales and flea markets. This is a great place to find a good bargain for your vanity handle, soup holder, antique faucets, and many others.

Bathroom renovations can be particularly challenging when you are renovating a small bathroom. You must think outside the box to churn the best finish possible. Contrary to some belief, putting a plant inside a small bathroom does not clutter the room. It can even give the bathroom a more spacious feel to it.

Choose a small vanity with plenty of drawers for storage. You can also put an over-head drawers right above your vanity. To add style to it, you can put a stylish over-head lamp under you over-head drawers. It could double as light for your vanity as well.

However, you do not have to strip down your entire bathroom walls and remove everything that’s already in it. Bathroom renovation does not all always mean overall remodeling. You can also opt to change the crown moldings, the vanities, or the lights in your bathroom and call it bathroom renovation.

You must also remember that doing bathroom renovation takes a lot of time and patience. Check all the shops and catalogues available and pick themes that are potentially suitable not just to your taste but to your budget as well.

Ask for advice from the experts, too. Most of all, don’t stress yourself in thinking about the best bathroom design; just enjoy! Remember that you’ll be increasing your home’s comfort, practicality and value by improving the bathroom.

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