Baseboard Heaters For Your Home

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Electric baseboard heaters can significantly support the energy efficient heating and cooling system of your home as well as benefit your family in a variety of ways.

Heat Rises

The baseboards of your home are a great place to install a heating system because of the principle that heat rises. Through the use of a baseboard heater, your whole home will be able to be heated, from the floor on up. Baseboard heaters are made of electric elements that are surrounded by metal pipes. The pipes, aided by aluminum fins, span the length of the cabinet of the baseboard heater to disperse heat. Cooler air is drawn in from the bottom of the heater, warmed up, and transferred through the top. Heat also radiates through the pipes and fins of the cabinet.

Baseboard hot water heating systems work well because the "heaters" that bring warmth into the room are installed low to the floor, typically along the baseboard; water is heated in a boiler tank in the utility room just like the water used for the hot water plumbing in your house. This water is heated, either by gas, oil or electricity in a system that is similar to, but separate from the water heater that supplies your plumbing system.

Air Quality

Home heating and cooling systems require regular maintenance, such as cleaning your home’s duct work. Electric baseboard heating systems, however, are clean because they are totally enclosed, so you do not have to worry about dusty air being blown through vents all over your house. High-quality electric baseboard heaters are also extremely quiet because of the way they work.

Heat That’s Just Right

Inexpensive and easy to install, electric baseboard heating can allow heat to be directed and maximized for your family’s high-traffic areas. Baseboard heaters tend to be installed on the outer walls of your home. This helps counteract heat loss through these perimeter walls as well as heat loss through windows.

This is a great system for families like mine where not everyone likes the same temperature. It is almost like having a different thermostat for each room of the house, but significantly less expensive. However, not all baseboard heater systems have the problem of the water-cooling significantly from the first heater to the last.

You can buy a system that has a flow control valve on each of the heaters, which is adjusted so that a smaller amount of water flows through the first heater, and so that the excess flow is diverted around and on to the next heater in the system.


Installing baseboard heaters is an easy and inexpensive Do-It-Yourself Project. They should sit at least three-quarters of an inch above the floor and tightly to the wall to allow for maximum efficiency.
Mount the baseboard heater according to the directions that came with it, securing it to the wal. Then apply caulk around the edge of the heater to keep dirt and dust from collecting behind the baseboard heater. Wire it into a thermostat or plug it into a wall outlet and it’s ready to go!

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