Ways to Save Money on Your Home Heating Oil This Winter

Over the last couple of years we have faced some tough winters.  The weather has been pretty harsh and for many of us, unexpected.  Even though we were prepared for snow last year because of the weather we had endured the year before, we were still shocked at how early the cold weather set in and how long it lasted for.  The harsh weather had us in its grip for a couple of months last year, and there was not one place in the UK that escaped.

While children and some adults love to see the snow fall, there is no doubt of the effect it can have on our lives.  With many schools closed last year due to health and safety, it was difficult for parents to get to work and this had a major blow on the economy.  Another problem was that many of us were forced to have our heating on for much longer periods which obviously costs more money.  And for those using home heating oil, buying oil during these periods of high demand, can be hugely expensive.  For that reason, many heating oil users will be looking for ways in which they can save some money on their heating bills this year.  The following are a few ideas:

Ensure Your Home is Adequately Insulated

A big cause of us spending more than we need to on heating is that our homes are not insulated properly.  This means that heat is lost and we end up having the heating on for longer.  A lot of people are unaware that poor insulation in their attic causes heat to be lost and they cannot fathom why their home takes so long to heat up.  Draughts around windows and doors is another problem.  It would be well worth having someone come in to check your home to see if there is anything you can do to improve its energy rating.  You may have to pay for this but you will save money on your heating bills if you get your home insulated properly.

Close all Vents

Most of the rooms in our homes will have vents in the walls or above the windows and while these are great for letting in fresh air in the summer, they can also allow cold air to come in during the winter.  By closing these vents, you can keep the warm air inside and this means your home will stay cosy and warm.  If you can trap the heat inside the home, you will not have to have it on for so long, thus saving you money.

Lower the Temperature on Your Thermostat

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You may not notice the difference in heat if you lower your thermostat by one or two degrees but you will definitely notice the difference in price.  A lot of people have their heating so high, that it can become quite uncomfortable.  Yet taking the temperature down by a degree will not make a huge difference and you may not even notice it at all.

The above are just some of the ways that you can save some money on your heating oil bills this winter.

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