Unique Staircase Decoration

Many people don’t think of including a staircase when planning considering the overall feel of their interior decor. Decorating a staircase offers a unique challenge, but the result can add a lot of character and charm to your home.

The Overall Design Theme

Before decorating the staircase, take a step back and consider your overall design theme as well as how your home flows. Do you have an open floor plan? Where is the staircase located? What base and accent colors have you chosen for the room surrounding the staircase, and how can you use these colors in this area of your home?

Make an Entrance

If you have a home with the staircase in the foyer, it’s the first thing people notice when they enter your home. Stand in the doorway or the foyer and imagine how you would like your home to welcome people. Let that be part of your design inspiration.

A popular way to decorate a staircase is with favorite family photos. By framing all of the pictures with the same frame, you can create a cohesive look to draw the eye up the staircase. Don’t feel like you have to use all the same frames; you can mix and match different frames if they are the same color or the same style. Having all black, for example, will tie in the different styles and still create a cohesive feel for the staircase.

Because the walls of the staircase are so large and open, it makes a great location for a mural on the wall. Murals can be hand painted or applied like wallpaper. The mural can cover the entire staircase as well as extend into the upper or lower rooms or hallways.

One Step at a Time

A very unique way to decorate the staircase is to decorate each step. The front of each step can be decorated to create a large mural or decorated with the same pattern. The steps can be painted with a stencil or vinyl cut outs can be used. A tile mosaic pattern can also be used and looks quite impressive.

If your steps are wooden, a stair runner with a pattern can help decorate the staircase. Runners can be found with the same pattern for each step or a pattern that runs the length of the steps. This can really dress up steps and can be found to match many decorating styles.

A well decorated staircase can add a lot of charm to your home and can serve as the signature piece in home decorating. When planning an overall interior design theme, don’t forget about the staircase – it can take a room from great to fantastic.

J. Steeple is writer, blogger, handyman, and homeowner. She wishes her staircase were orange. Maybe someday.

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