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Whether you want to add extra functionality to your bathroom or make the room more spacious, installing a new shower is the perfect solution.

A stand-alone shower is ideal in a busy family bathroom where water tends to be splashed everywhere, it helps save time and water when several people are using the bathroom everyday, and keeps the room dry and tidy. If your bathroom is cramped, replacing a bath with a shower will help make the room bigger, while the choice of shower heads and accessories on the market will allow you to create a luxurious spa in the comfort of your home.

However, there are a few things you need to take into consideration before purchasing a new shower.

Priorities for Shower Space

Like for every remodeling project, you need to start by pinpointing what exactly you want to achieve, and what are your priorities.

  • Do you want an additional washing space in your bathroom?
  • Are you dreaming of luxurious features?
  • Do you need to save space and water?
  • Do you require something more accessible?

The answer to those questions will help you decide whether you need both a shower and a bath and how much prominence you want to give to the shower. Deciding what is essential and what can be overlooked – whether it is design, functionality or accessibility – will also help you define a budget and direct you towards specialist retailers if necessary.

Identify Available Space

Once you have established what you want, try to visualize every possible space where the shower could be fitted, and measure the floor space available. Shower trays now come in all possible shapes and sizes, answering pretty much every requirement. If you want to optimize on space, quadrant or pentagonal shower trays will allow you to make the most out of corners.

You might not necessarily think about what type of doors you want for your shower, but this will have a huge impact depending on the space you have. If you have little space available, a walk-in shower will offer a practical yet stylish solution, but if you are adamant about having doors, opt for sliding or bi-fold instead of a pivot-styled one.

Overall Style

Are you after the “wow factor” when it comes to the design of your bathroom? Do you want something modern and sleek? Would you rather have the accent away from the shower towards more traditional features?

A frameless shower enclosure will be much more discreet than a framed one, and will not attract attention to the shower, especially if you have other strong elements in your bathroom, like a free-standing bath or a feature wall. If you want your guests to be blown away by your new bathroom, a contemporary walk-in shower or even a wet room will guarantee a good reaction. Add massage jets, aromatherapy facilities, built-in seats or teak shower mats and shelving, and your shower will make a real statement.

If you want to undertake the project yourself, make sure you get as much advice as possible before starting. There are a lot of DIY websites out there with step by step guides and even how-to videos. It is however advisable to get a professional to fit the shower tray, as it needs to be perfectly level and installed for the rest of the shower to fit properly.

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