Top Five Ways to Insulate Your Home

The winter months are upon us which means freezing weather and expensive fuel bills, but there are lots of ways that you can improve your home’s insulation to keep warmer and help reduce your fuel bills. Here are the top five ways to insulate your home.

  1. Lag your Loft

Insulating the loft has been used as a way to insulate homes for many years. However, lots of older homes do not have adequate loft lagging. Ideally any insulation should be over six inches deep so if your insulation is less than this it’s a good idea to replace it with thicker lagging.

  1. Double Glazing

If you don’t have it, then the thought of getting double glazing is something that most home owners dread. That’s because it can seem like a huge expense, but when you consider that homes’ without double glazing can lose 20% of their heat through the windows it puts the expense into perspective. Although initial costs for double glazing may seem steep, you will save money as you will be able to turn your thermostat down. Having double glazing will also make living in your home a much more comfortable experience.

  1. Doors

Draughty doors can be the cause of a great deal of heat loss. Check for any gaps in your internal doors which are letting heat escape. These can be remedied with a draught excluder. If there are any gaps between your walls and your door frames fill them in with caulk. Your front door needs to be the best insulated in your home and uPVC doors are particularly good at protecting your home from the elements. They’re also one of the most durable and safest type of front door that you can choose.

  1. Water Tank

Although you won’t be losing house heat through your water tank, if you insulate it you will keep your hot water hotter.

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This means that your bills for heating water should lessen. You can buy specially designed insulating jackets which fit snugly around your water tank and help to retain the heat in your water.

  1. Walls

It has long been the practice in house building to fill cavities in walls with insulation which is a great way of keeping the heat in. However, in many older homes the insulation within the walls does not meet modern standards. This can be resolved by drilling holes into walls and filling them by blowing in materials like mineral wool. However, this can be a complicated and expensive process so one cheaper and simpler alternative is to cover your walls in a thin layer of polystyrene before you decorate.

When the winter months are here it’s such a comfort to be able to sit in a lovely warm home, so follow these simple tips for insulating your home and stay warmer this winter.

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