Top Five Tips to Make Your Home Green

There’s been a lot of talk in the last few years regarding recycling and clean living, and it seems to be catching on in a big way. Environmental consciousness and healthy living trends have led to new industry booms as the corporate world rushes to take advantage of our new interests. In this case, that can only be a good thing as people become more aware of their living environments, but in terms of transforming your house into a ‘green home’, some people are still confused about what they can do without spending thousands – so here are a few pointers.

1: Let there be light

Ditch those incandescent bulbs; they’re outdated technologically and you’ll note that they use 66 percent more energy than the more modern compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). The old fashioned incandescent bulbs tend to run at 100 watts and burn out much faster, meaning that the CFL’s which generally run at 32 watts last much longer, burn far less mercury and save you around $30 over the course of each one’s lifespan.

2: Out with the old

This doesn’t mean that you should kick your parents out, it means that you should kick out the household appliances that they gave to you. The older models, even as little as 10 years ago, consume a great deal more power than their more modern counter parts, and although getting new appliances (especially the fridge) will cost you upfront, in the long run you’ll be saving a fortune. Replace these energy guzzling tanks with newer more energy efficient appliances (availability dependant on where you live), which can use 10 to 50 percent less energy and water.

3: If you can’t stand the heat

As we all know, appliances that generate heat such as the stove, microwave, heater and thermostat consume the most electricity, so you can start by using the luxury items more sensibly. When you aren’t at home or you’re sleeping under thick covers, turn those thermostats and heaters down some and save energy. This goes without saying for most but if you’re the forgetful type, then look around for newer models which generally have automatic adjustment cycles.

4: Go with the flow

It’s vital that we all watch our level of water consumption. At the rate we’re going the senseless and unmoderated increase of our global population will mean that most of us will be lacking even drinking water in the decades ahead. Equip your shower and toilet with low-flow technology which will, in turn, save you a great deal of money. Also ensure that all of your faucets have aerators equipped.

5:  Waste not

Buy a green bin that you throw all of your biodegradable goods into and buy a separate one for non degradable

Photo by Derek Severson

plastics. If you want to do even more, then further separate your goods into glass, tin and/or rubber products. Separating your waste like this means that recycling is not a chore and in some forward thinking countries (like Canada) this is, in fact, mandatory (the green bin aspect at least) – something that other governments should certainly consider since the Canadian government cashes in on the recycling money and saves on disposal costs.

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