Tips for Decorating a Studio Apartment

If you live in a studio apartment, you’ve probably discovered that it can be challenging to make a single room look and feel like a home. Limited space and an accumulation of belongings may have you wondering what can be done to make your apartment a more pleasant place to be. If your studio apartment is in need of a makeover, you’ve come to the right place. Featured for you here are some helpful decorating tips that will enable you to maximize your space and minimize the clutter.

Lighten It Up

One of the best ways to really open up your living space in a studio apartment is to keep things light. Choose a light color that as a base to work off of, and give the walls a fresh coat of paint. A light color, an earth tone for example, will make the room seem much larger than it actually is. Avoid heavy window treatments that prevent light from coming in and opt for simple blinds that you can keep open during the day instead. Sheer curtains in a color that compliments your walls will create a nice airy atmosphere that will expand the space instead of shrink it.

Keep It Out of Sight

Because a studio apartment offers very little space to put all of your belongings, be creative when it comes to displaying and storing things. For the items that you would like to be able to see, try putting a few shelves on the walls instead of buying a large free standing shelf that takes up a lot of floor space. Also, look for furniture that serves multiple functions. An ottoman, bench, or chair with a hidden compartment can both hide items you don’t need to have out and serve as a place to sit or rest your feet when you want to sit down and relax or entertain a guest. Use baskets and stackable storage bins to store holiday decorations, keepsakes, out-of-season clothing, towels, linens, and anything else you want to keep out of sight. Stackable bins can be placed neatly in a closet or hidden safely under a bed or other piece of large furniture.

Divide and Conquer

Just because your apartment is one big room doesn’t mean you can’t have separate spaces like any other home. Designate spaces such as your kitchen, living area, and bedroom, and divide and decorate them accordingly. If you’d like, you can really make one large room feel like a few smaller rooms by placing attractive dividers between the designated areas. The dividers themselves can serve a decorative purpose as well– you might be able to use them to display art work and photographs that you don’t have space for on the walls.

Take It to New Heights

If your apartment has high enough ceilings and you have some extra money to spend, you might want to think about putting in a loft. If this is a do-it-yourself kind of project you don’t want to tackle alone, consider hiring a contractor to do it for you. Expanding upwards this way will really maximize your apartment–it will give you an added room without sacrificing any of the existing floor space. Use a custom built ladder for your loft instead of putting in stairs. A ladder will take up little room and will cost much less than a small staircase would.

Decorating a studio apartment in a way that will enhance the room instead of take away from it may seem like an overwhelming task. But with a little bit of work and a creative spirit, you can transform your small studio apartment into a place you’ll be proud to call home.

Guest post from Bailey Harris. Bailey writes for, a site that sells brand name area rugs and related supplies.

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