The Hidden Costs When Hiring Residential Movers

The costs associated with moving the contents of a house primarily concern a moving company’s rates based on the distance they have to drive for the move, the type and size of truck involved in the transfer, and the number of rooms being packed into the truck. These are the obvious costs if a person decided he doesn’t want to do the move on his own, but there are hidden costs to any move, whether local or long distance.

Charges for Heavy Objects

Fulham Removals is an example of a full service moving company for jobs both big and small. Other companies, however, may charge extra if the move includes very bulky or heavy objects such as a piano. They may also charge more for large pieces of equipment such as a riding lawn tractor one has for personal use.

Before hiring a company to move the contents of your home, complete price disclosures on specific items that may be considered large, heavy, or bulky. If you’re uncertain whether any of your items qualify, don’t be afraid to ask.

More Than 75 Feet Away

Many moving companies will charge more once they realize they can’t back in the moving tuck any closer than 75 feet away from the new location. This is because it takes more time to complete the move and items can more easily be dropped the further they have to be carried, causing possible liability insurance damage to be incurred on the mover’s part.


Fulham removals regularly has to complete moving jobs that entail going up or down significant flights of stairs. Many moving companies charge extra for this because it’s more labor and time intensive. In addition, going up and down stairs versus using an elevator puts much more physical strain on the individual movers, so they feel they should be additionally compensated for this.

Narrow Streets and Small Truck Transfereco movers, residential movers

If the arrival location has narrow streets or low hanging wires, a second, back-up truck of a smaller size must be used on the scene. This causes great, added expense to the movers in terms of labor and transportation costs. Many times, movers don’t realize this smaller truck is needed until they arrive, which is why it can be a hidden cost.

Transportation Surcharges for Urban Moves

For many metropolitan moves, companies often add an extra fee because of the major traffic congestion they have to deal with, including difficult parking and the time spent having to navigate the huge moving van in tight areas.

Slow Hourly Workers

Moving rates can either be a flat fee for the entire job or based on an hourly wage scale. Many times a moving company will have either new or lazy workers who simply don’t work fast enough. This inevitably lengthens the time of the moving job and the estimated overall cost will increase because of additional hours being put into the job.

One way to prevent this hidden cost is to put in writing a financial ceiling to the number of hours an individual will pay the company once the written estimate of the hours needed for the job are compiled beforehand by the moving company.

Moving the contents of your home can be overwhelming, and certainly warrants the help of professional movers. Before hiring a moving company, make sure all of your questions have been answered and that you know exactly what you’ll be paying for!

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