The Future in Kitchen and Bath Technologies

Just like clockwork, once a year the kitchen and bath industry converges on a city to showcase all of the new products which are to be introduced over the next year. This year the city was Las Vegas, and the product offering showcased was in line with the glitz and glamour of the city. There was everything from beautiful vintage bathtubs to the sleekest modern faucets that money can buy. Here are some of the highlights that stuck out to me over the course of the three days we were there.


Everywhere you looked this year there were companies doing awesome things with technology in their products. Delta’s line of Touch2O faucets provide a simplicity that is welcomed in the kitchen faucet market, and is perfect for the avid cooker that always has food on their hands. This line of faucets comes in many different styles and finishes and works flawlessly to control the water flow with the touch of your hand. Delta has also expanded the product line to feature Touch2O faucets for the bathroom as well

Kohler was not to be outdone and used this platform to announce their NUMI toilet which has features including in toilet speakers, integrated bidet, light up bowl and a motion activated seat, just to name a few. This toilet drew a lot of attention and was always crowded with on lookers trying to get a better view.

Moen also introduced a new line of their ioDigital shower system which provides even more reliability and function to a system which already allows the user to digitally control water flow and temperature with the touch of a button.

Water Saving

The Toobi collection of bathroom faucets from Kohler  has multiple aerators of different colors that ship with the faucet. These aerators can be switched out seamlessly to match the look and feel of the room the faucet is being installed in while still allowing the faucet to control release of the water for ultimate efficiency. Toto has a whole new series of water saving toilets and shower systems to go along with it already large offering, while Danze showcased a new low flow showerhead which when positioned next to showerheads with up to a gallon more water a minute and it was hard to even tell the difference between the flows. It is great to see all of these big companies truly embracing green technology as it is increasingly important to the ongoing health of our planet.

Other Standouts

Moen also showcased their series of bathroom faucets that all are installed on the same M-Pact valve system. These Moen bathroom faucets allow the user to seamlessly switch the look and feel of their faucet with limited work whenever they feel a change is needed. With hundreds of faucet options available your faucet can change as often as you would like with no need to call a professional plumber

Rev-A-Shelf is a great organization company that had some interesting products that can help organize any home. From shelves that pull out to utilize blind corner space and auto slow close cabinets to customizable kitchen sink drip trays, be sure to check out their new lines that will help with your organization. Also, the American Standard Cadet toilet was showcased at their booth, and you could even fill it with golf balls and watch it flush them. I had seen this on video but never in person, and it worked well, flushing the golf balls with ease.

These are some of the takeaways I saw from attending KBIS 2011, what about you? Where you able to go? What did you see that you liked? Make sure to leave it in the comments.

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