The Best Leatherman Tool for Any Handy Man or Woman

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of fixing something and realized you needed another tool, but couldn’t let go of what you were holding? Though it would be easier if every fix-it project only required a singular tool, it’s rarely the case.

The Leatherman tool is a handy play on the Swiss Army Knife that offers you a true compact, convertible multi-tool. Before choosing the best Leatherman tool for you, be sure to weigh the different features of the many options and choose the one that is the best fit for you and your tool belt.

Beginnings of Leatherman

The Leatherman tool was invented in 1975 by Tim Leatherman after more than one project requiring several tools. Since he was traveling in Europe at the time, he was inspired to create an all-in-one solution that was easy to carry in your pocket. Contrasting from Swiss Army knives, the Leatherman tool is built around a pair of pliers rather than a blade. A great fit for pockets and pocketbooks alike, the Leatherman tool has a lasting value and convenience that can’t be ignored.

Best Leatherman Out There

Perhaps the best Leatherman tool on the market is the Leatherman 830850 Skeletool CX. This model is lightweight, made with stainless steel handles, has a tungsten coating for durability and fully embraces the purpose of a portable multi-tool. In addition to the standard pliers, this tool has a universal bit driver that comes with a Phillips #1 and #2 as well as a 3/16-inch and 1/4-inch regular screwdriver. It also features regular and hard wire cutters, needle nose pliers and a combination carabiner and bottle opener. The knife on this model flips out with one hand so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing or risk cutting yourself. For more functionality, people who choose this tool can purchase a bit kit that has several useful add-ons including a bit extension. For price, value and functionality, this tool is simply the best.

The Budget Leatherman

For those who are interested in a budget multi-tool, the Leatherman Kick Multi-Tool with Nylon Sheath is a great value at less than 20 dollars. It offers many of the same features as the Skeletool including a knife, screwdrivers and wire cutters wrapped in a stainless steel body. It also has a combination can and bottle opener. Though there are several larger tools with even more features, this makes a great first Leatherman or simple pocket tool.

Leatherman collectors and aficionados are sure to love the Leatherman 830976 25th Anniversary tool. This special edition upgrades the standard stainless casing and instead goes for sterling silver. Each of the 999 made were hand crafted by silversmith Adrain Pallarols. Don’t think this tool is just for show, it is fully  functional with blades, cutters, bits, strippers and all the other bells and whistles that make Leatherman’s multi-tools so handy. If you can get your hands on one, this Leatherman tool, with coordinating display case, will cost you $600 or more. Whether you plan to place it in your pocket, or on the mantle as a conversation piece, this Leatherman is sure to get the job done and look good doing it.

Leatherman has been making the best multi-tools for a quarter of a century. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current tool or simply hoping to pass it down one day, there is a Leatherman tool designed to meet everyone’s needs. Though they all haven’t been crafted from sterling silver, they all deliver stellar results.

Katie Campbell loves the challenge of fixing things and does all of the small repairs in her home. She grew up in a family of tradesmen and had her own Leatherman tool passed onto her when she was sixteen. She works as content writer for where she seeks to help discover the best of everything.

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