Ten Tips for Outdoor Home Improvement

If starting an outdoor home improvement project seems like an overwhelming task, do not feel like you must go through it alone. Your local home improvement store offers workshops, as well as home remodeling books and magazines with plenty of ideas and project instructions. The following tips will give you some useful ideas for outdoor home improvement projects.

1. Make a budget
Look at books and magazines to get ideas of how you want your home and yard to look like. Write your plans on paper before purchasing any materials. Taking into consideration your financial situation and the price of home improvement materials, set up a realistic budget and stick with it.

2. Make needed repairs
Before working on home improvements, complete needed repairs to the structure of your house and your yard. It does not make sense to add or re-do a porch if the roof is in bad shape. A leaky roof or a septic tank that overflows should be repaired immediately.

3. Paint the house
Painting your house, adding a contrasting trim color, and installing shutters can give your house an instant face lift. Go to the paint store and pick up some paint chips. Play with color combinations until you find one that appeals to you. Add shutters to your house. Black is usually a great color as it makes house colors stand out.

4. Update your front door and windows
Paint your front door in a new color, or replace it if necessary. Also, if your windows are old and are not energy efficient, head to the home improvement store and price new windows. To save money, you can search for windows at a recycled building materials store.

5. Add or remodel a porch
If your house has an unattractive porch, or no porch at all, build one large enough to accommodate wicker or wooden outdoor furniture, a small table, hanging plants, and a ceiling fan. The porch can be open air, or you can opt for a screened-in porch to keep out mosquitoes in the summer.

6. Build a wooden deck or a patio
Add a deck to your backyard that can be used for grilling in the summer months, or to spend time conversing with family and friends. Stain the floor of the deck, and accentuate with lighting and container plants. A patio can be built from wood or bricks. Build it large enough to fit a round table, four chairs, and a container plant.

7. Build a privacy fence
A fence will ensure privacy during family gatherings, parties, and cookouts. It will also keep the dog from wandering in the neighbor’s yard, and can keep valuable items from the eyes of strangers.

8. Landscape your front and back yards
Landscaping will take some planning in order to stay within a budget. Educate yourself by reading gardening books and magazines. Get ideas on different garden themes, and plan your landscape areas around these themes. Opt for shrubs and flowering plants that require low maintenance. If you have a lot of sun in your yard, choose flowers that take direct light, such as annuals, perennials, and flowering vines. Grow fragrant flowers around your front door, or around your deck. Make sure to include an efficient irrigation system in your budget.

9. Add a water feature
Whether in your front or back yards, add a water feature as a focal point in your garden, or add a small fountain to your deck or patio. In the front of your house, add a pond that can be adorned with water lilies, large stones, and small fish.

10. Build a decorative arbor
Build a wooden arbor above your garage door. Plant a fragrant flowering vine, such as jasmine, around your arbor.

These ten tips for outdoor home improvement will increase the value of your home. By following your plans closely and staying within your budget, you will no doubt enjoy working on your home improvement projects.

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