Summer-Proof Your Home

Is it summer now where you live? Are you looking forward to bathing in the sun and hitting the beach? Are you ready to take your summer wardrobe out from the storage? Summer days do bring about the best moods and cheers from people. But as much as we enjoy coming out of winter, let us not forget that summer time also means hot and humid days that can be daunting and difficult. And I am sure that as much as you be frequently reaching for that cold drink, so would you to that air conditioning switch to keep yourself cool. And you know what that translates to right? Higher electricity bills and less money on your pocket.
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It is therefore wise not to just prepare for our summer holidays and fun under the sun but also be aware of how to keep our energy cost down at this trying season. Not only would you be glad you’ll have that extra dollars with you after summer but also be glad that you did your part to help the planet.

1. Set Your Thermostat

With almost 43% of your utility bill catering to cooling and heating your home, doing something on this matter will surely help cut the cost. One of the easiest way to do this is to set  your thermostat at 78 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer days. This is the recommended temperature which is comfortable for both you and the budget. Your home need not be too cold to keep you and a degree warmer means a savings of 1% of your energy cost.

Also do not forget to turn up the thermostat when you are not home. Program your thermostat as much as possible to keep the home at the most efficient temperature at specific times like when you are most likely to be home. Turning it off when you know that the weather will be really hot and turning it on only when you get home will be more costly as the air conditioner will work harder cooling the house that is hot.

2. Insulate

Making sure that your house is insulated not only for summer but also for winter is the best way to conserve energy as the house is more likely to maintain the temperature set for longer. Check that all windows and doors are sealed properly to keep the hot air out. Consider weather stripping and caulking. Use window solutions such as curtains and blinds and heat control films to further insulate your home.

3. Use Alternative Cooling Machines

Do not make it a habit to turn on the air conditioner the moment you feel warm. Grab a stand fan or turn on the ceiling fan instead as these options use less energy and can still keep you relatively cool. Ceiling fans alone use 25% less power than air conditioners so you can save heaps.

They are effective and can actually able to cool the room temperature by up to 10 degrees by circulating air downward.

4. Make Sure Your Coolers Are Running Efficiently

If the forecast for the summer is unbearable heat then make sure your coolers are in their best working condition. Have it serviced prior to summer and get the filter checked and replaced when needed. You would not want your cooler to break down when the heat waves come.

5. Cut down on Other Energy Guzzling Activities for Now

This is to compensate for the energy you use to cool your family down. Avoid doing chores that will bring heat in the house such as turning up the dishwasher which uses hot water. Do this instead when the temperature is relatively low like at night or very early in the morning to help the cooler maintain the right temperature in the house. Use the toaster instead of the oven to heat food up.

And try to outdoor cooking as much as possible. And of course this is the time to give the laundry dryer a break. Hang your clothes outside instead and make use of the power of the sun.

Annie is a frugal blogger writing for Home Loan Finder, the free money-saving tool based in Australia.

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