Suitable Railing Construction Materials for Your Home

A railing installation adds style and a personal stamp of customization to your home which adds to the curb appeal. They are also going to play a serious role in enhancing the security of your property, and in the case of railings used around a swimming pool, they must be effective in stopping unescorted children from gaining access to what is a very dangerous place for them.

The materials you select for your railings will play an important part in how they function, how they look and how much they are going to cost. Cost is an important aspect of this equation because a set of railings may be cheap to buy initially, however when you factor in maintenance and upkeep costs you may find you have invested in a false economy.

The main material choices are: wood, vinyl, wrought iron, aluminum and composite.

Wood is a natural material which looks good whether stained or painted. It is also one of the cheapest materials you can source for the installation, however it does have several drawbacks. Firstly, it will need annual maintenance to prevent it from succumbing to the elements. This may mean an annual repainting to ensure it continues in good shape. Wood is also a source of food for many bugs and plants, plus if it does become wet it will quickly rot and be eaten away.

Vinyl is an excellent material for railings because it combines hard-wearing and durable looks with stylish designs but it does not need a lot of maintenance. In overall cost terms this is one of the cheapest forms of railing you can buy and all the work you will need to worry about will be a wash down with a sponge and some warm, soapy water. Vinyl is also weatherproof and does not provide any nourishment or shelter for wildlife, bugs or other infestations.

Wrought iron is exceptionally durable and strong and an installation can last for hundreds of years – once fitted it is highly unlikely that you will need to replace them ever again (unless you want change the layout or want a change in look). Wrought iron railings are extremely expensive, especially if you buy an installation which is ornately fashioned: this is a highly customized approach to a railing installation which looks superb. There is a moderate amount of maintenance involved as the railings will need to be painted and cleaned regularly because they will be susceptible to the impact of water and may succumb to rust.

Aluminum is a lightweight and cheaper option for a metal railing installation than wrought iron. In addition, aluminum is inert, which means that it is not affected by water or the weather – it will not rust for instance. Being metal it will not rot or splinter as wood will, nor will it succumb to animal or bug infestation.

Composite railings are manufactured from vinyl or resin and constructed with reclaimed wood. They look and possess many of the same advantages of vinyl railings; however the wood component is susceptible to deterioration. Composite railings are also easy to clean and come in a range of designs and colors; however they usually do not provide the same quality of finish as vinyl. offers many options for railing systems for balcony, porch or deck railings.

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