Tool Storage

Whether you are looking for a toolbox, or a tool storage system for organizing larger tools in your garage or workshop, you may be overwhelmed at the staggering variety of choices out there.

Regardless of which style or type of tool storage you choose, there are a few key things you should look for when shopping for tool storage.

That 72" monster chest sure would look good in your garage, wouldn’t it? As Americans, we are all about ‘bigger is better’. But do you really need that giant tool chest? Are you going to be able to move it when it is full of tools? A fully stocked 60" box can weigh upwards of 1500 pounds. Do you really want to push that behemoth around? Will you have room to move it to where you are working?

If it is going to be a stationary tool chest that you are going to leave in one spot, this won’t be as big of a concern for you. But if you will be rolling it around, consider the room you have to move around in and how much weight you want to be pushing around.

Tool Storage

This is fine for a garage or workshop where you do not need to carry the whole chest around, but if you plan on moving it anywhere to work on a project, a smaller option will work better!

Many homeowners opt to have a smaller tool case for each variety of tools they have – one for hammers, one for screwdrivers, one for clamps, etc. This method of tool storage allows you to know exactly where the items you need are located!

For larger tools, a wall storage unit will be a good choice. The tool storage cabinets will give you a variety of height and depth combinations, and allow you to store your larger tools with ease. Having a locking cabinet will help keep them safe from theft, as well!

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