Organizing & Storing Small Kitchen Appliances

We all have small kitchen appliances we can’t live without – our coffee makers, toasters, blenders and kettles. But sometimes finding a way to store them all can be quite a challenge. Here are a few simple tricks to help you free up some big space in your kitchen when storing your small appliances:

Store Appliances Seasonally

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When it comes to the use of small kitchen appliances, it is no secret that some are used more during one season and less during another. Take winter for example. If you cook like I do in the winter, then I’m sure you rely on appliances like a slow cooker and a soup pot for warm comfort foods like chili, stews and pot roasts. But when the warm summer weather arrives, my slow cooker and soup pot go on a much needed hiatus. The same can be said for appliances that are more popular in the summer months like ice cream makers and blenders.

To maximize counter and storage space, keep appliances that are appropriate for the season close by and move others to another location.

Make Use of Unused Space

Every kitchen has little nooks and crannies that could be used much more effectively. One of best secret spaces to store uncommonly used appliances is the space between kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. This space is usually quite substantial and yet barely used by homeowners.

To keep your appliances looking neat and tidy atop your cabinets, use decorative baskets or boxes to store them. You could even add other décor elements like plants or artwork to further camouflage the appliances.

Rearrange Shelving

Many cabinets have removable shelves and by simply reconfiguring the height, you may be able to store small appliances behind cabinet doors. This is a great solution for coffee makers and toasters because it keeps them at arm’s length for those busy mornings.

Borrow Storage From Other Places

Sometimes freeing up storage space in the kitchen is impossible. For those living in condos, cottages and small

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apartments, kitchen space is limited and makes storing appliances very difficult. For these situations it may be necessary to borrow space from another room in the house.

Take advantage of any unused storage space you can find for your appliances. It may mean you have to retrieve them from another room when you want to use them, but at least they will be out of sight.

Add Your Own Storage Solution

If there simply is nowhere for you to keep your small appliances, then you may have to resort to creating your own storage solutions.

A small portable kitchen island strategically placed in your kitchen will not only add an abundance of storage but additional counter space as well. Or add a stand alone pantry. These upright units do can do double duty as appliance and food storage and will keep your kitchen looking neat and tidy for years to come.

When you want to keep your kitchen looking uncluttered and organized, finding a way to effectively store your small appliances is a must. With these easy storage ideas, you can enjoy the everyday convenience of toasters and coffee makers without the headache of where to store them.

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