Home Storage; Organizing Kids Stuff

Let’s face it; if you have kids, their stuff is usually everywhere in your house. Keeping kids stuff organized is a constant chore. But there are some ideas you can use to help keep the kids stuff organized and under control. Read on and learn how!

When you are setting up a nursery for a newborn baby or redecorating your kids bedrooms, making room for storage is every bit as important as the bed linens, accessories and wall paint colors.

The amount of books, toys, dolls, artwork and other stuff accumulated as kids develop and move from one developmental stage to another is truly amazing.

With a new infant, you need to store diapers, clothing, toys, blankets, stuffed animals and more.

When your child grows into the toddler stage, they have more clothing, bigger toys, dolls, books and stuffed animals. Often, kids will be reluctant to let go of anything, even things they may not have used in months!

Then, your child reaches school age, and you have art and school supplies, bicycles, roller skates, even more clothing, toys, books and hobby items to store!

By the time they become teenagers, they have accumulated more stuff than you could have imagined when you brought them home from the hospital wrapped up in that baby blanket, which you have stored in a drawer or box somewhere!

Finding and making storage space for your kids’ belongings takes time and attention but it will make both your child’s life and yours as parent more rewarding and ordered.

See it, reach it

Many items in a kid’s room are best kept out on book shelves, wall hooks, or tabletop containers. Keep things less cluttered by putting smaller items in boxes or bins, hanging items on pegs or wall hooks, and arranging books as neatly as possible on shelves.

Out of site, but easy to reach

Some things just won’t look neat on shelves. You’ll have art and school supplies, diapers, baby wipes, etc. that will be best kept out of site. A nice chest of drawers is a great place to start, followed by storage baskets, bins, boxes and bags that can be easily loaded up with stuff and put under the bed, in the closet, behind a door, etc.

Organizing a kids room

A major storage area to focus on is always the closet. Keep the most frequently used items down low where your child can reach them, leaving the higher up and rear most spaces for things you need less frequently.

If you have small closets, add more furniture that offers drawers and cabinet space for additional storage. A toy box or chest is one great way to keep toys, dolls and other commonly used items accessible but out of site.

Out of sight, out of mind

Finally, you will need to make storage space outside of your child’s bedroom for storing the things they have outgrown, sports equipment they will use only during certain times of the year and the many, many art and craft projects they produce and which you want to save!

Often the best storage areas for these kinds of items will be those out of the way places like a basement, attic, and the garage. Using weather tight containers instead of cardboard boxes will help keep things dry and protect them from moths, dust, mold and mildew.

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