Signs That Your AC Unit is in Need of a Fix

In San Antonio, Texas the weather has been extremely scorching over the summer and air conditioning units have been operating on full blast. Now that we are getting into August, how can you tell if your air conditioner is still doing the job it’s supposed to be doing? Here are a few tips from Cowboys AC on how to tell if you need AC unit repair.

  • When you turn your air conditioner on does it make noise? Hearing loud banging or grinding can mean a problem with the mechanical parts of your AC unit. This is something that you definitely want to fix soon to avoid damaging major operational parts in your central air unit.
  • When you set your thermostat, does the temperature in your home ever reach the temperature set? Usually this can mean that your AC is in need of Freon or a possible filter change. There is also the possibility of needing your system cleaned. If you have both indoor units and outdoor units running, your air is cold and yet you still don’t have the cooling power to cool the home. There are several probabilities to this problem, so the best bet is to have it looked at.
  • Now what if your room temperature varies and drops lower than the temperature set? Or what if the temperature raises as much as 2+ degrees between the air conditioner coming back on after a rest? These can be problems seen with the thermostat and the pump.

In the summer we usually see an increase in pricing when it comes to our energy bill. But when you notice a leap instead of a jump in the price of your bill, it becomes a little disconcerting. Make sure to monitor your energy bill not only monthly, but also yearly to make sure that your bills stay on a trend rather than an incline. If you see a huge difference in bills, your AC unit is not running efficiently.

San Antonio is considered to have humid weather, especially if you are not accustomed to it and if we happen to be in one of the many summer months that the city has to offer. But usually you can get a cool escape from the humidity once you retreat to an air-conditioned building. What if your home is still as humid as it is outside? If your AC unit is running and the air is still muggy, then your AC definitely needs a repair.

These are just a few of the possibilities that can occur when your AC is not working properly. Regular AC unit cleaning and maintenance is a great way to keep your machine working properly and your best bet for catching issues with your HVAC system before minor repairs turn into serious and costly air conditioner problems.

Feel free to check out this video for an AC tip on air conditioner unit maintenance:

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