Seven Possible Uses for a Basement in the Home

The basement is often one of the most underused interiors in the entire home. It’s understandably difficult to know what to do with this underground room and with the potential for flooding and mold, the space is partially abandoned. In other cases, when it has been damp-proofed, it is used solely as a storage area. However, there are other possible uses for a basement interior that will seemingly add an extra room to the house that would otherwise be overlooked. So what are these alternatives?

Here are 7:

Home Cinema – Ever noticed the amount of lighting in a cinema during a movie? Complete darkness except for the screen and a few emergency exit lights. When watching a movie in our living rooms, we often turn the lights down low to enhance the atmosphere of the cinema experience and in the same way a windowless basement makes a perfect home movie theatre. Half a dozen chairs or a couple of old sofas can be arranged to provide seating space for family and friends.

Wine Cellar – A basement is a perfect place for a wine cellar. In France, one of the most famous wine producing countries, wine is often stored in caves. A basement has similar conditions and is capable of holding hundreds of bottles and dozens of barrels. With special climate control systems, the basement can be kept at a

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temperature most suited to the particular wines. The main benefit of a basement wine cellar is the reduction of atmospheric temperature swings which are bad news to wine connoisseurs.

Home Gym – With the introduction of ventilation, an empty basement can soon be transformed into a home gym. Many people are hesitant about attending a local gym due to low self-esteem about their bodies or shyness when it comes to working out in a room full of strangers. A home gym provides a private and comfortable atmosphere as well as making it easier to stay fit even during a busy work schedule. With the addition of rubber flooring, a home gym in the basement will help the whole family keep fit.

Photo Studio – In much the same way a home cinema thrives on the dark conditions of a basement, so does a home photography studio. Dark rooms are indispensible for many photographers and the basement provides a location to add a dark room space as well as lighting equipment, screens, tables, computers and other related photography accessories.

Home Drinks Bar – For many people, going out to bars and clubs is not a particularly appealing idea of a good night. A home drinks bar in the basement does away with the need to go to semi-seedy nightclubs and mundane bars downtown. With the introduction of a good quality wooden bar, drinks storage facilities and bar furniture, the basement can become a great way to entertain family, friends and neighbors in a more intimate setting. Another benefit of the basement is that sound doesn’t travel as far and thus music can be played that little bit louder during parties and discos.

Games Room – Most men dream of a games room in their home and would not think twice about bundling the kids into one bedroom to make room for it. That is, if it were not for the howls of protestation. Unfortunately, reality dictates that a games room is often a fantasy, unless, that is, the basement is not doing much else. The basement is a great place to put a snooker table, dart board, arcade machine, card playing table and video game accessories, plus, if there’s enough room, the home bar mentioned previously can also be incorporated into the design scheme.

Meditation Room – Eastern philosophies and religions are becoming increasingly popular in Western countries. Meditation and yoga are therefore important aspects of many people’s lives. For practitioners of Buddhism, a meditation room is a prized space in which to relax and focus. A basement meditation room which is well ventilated provides a quiet, still and earthly interior for these practices, away from the rush of everyday life in the rest of the home.

These are just seven possible uses for a home basement which is currently being underused. There are many more and depending on the family’s hobbies, can be refurbished in a variety of different ways to cater for the interests of, for example, model railways enthusiasts, sculptors, carpenters, snake owners and dancers.

The most important aspects to keep in mind are the quality of the ventilation and the protection the basement provides against damp and potential flooding, depending on the geographical location. With all these factors born in mind, a basement is a wonderful space which, when turned into one of the above, can add value both to the price of the property and to the lives of the whole family.

Author bio: Edward is a trained Interior Designer with an interest in all aspects of home décor. He is the owner of a leading online furniture and décor catalog website based in Great Britain.

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