Protect Your Home in 5 Steps

Are you worried about burglary – either due to past experience or a local criminal on the loose?  There’s no need to live life in fear – here are simple steps to help protect your home.

Deter Burglars

You might be surprised to learn that there are simple things you can do to deter burglars.  Criminals hate anything that draws attention to their activities, so you need to work out a way to make it difficult to get into your home unnoticed. Anything noisy will cause problems for criminals, so they will avoid homes with dogs and with gravel right under

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windows.  Be sure to put a “Beware of the dog” sign near your house or gate to alert the burglars to the presence of your pup. Even hanging wind chimes in your windows can be effective – if they are in clear sight so burglars know this entry route will not be silent. Installing a security light that turns on when it detects motion may also put thieves off, as it literally shines a light on their dodgy activities.

Don’t Give Thieves Opportunities

Many crimes are “opportunistic” – a burglar spots an abandoned ladder in a garden or an open window and takes a chance to break in. Simply keeping your house and garden clean and tidy can avoid these opportunistic burglaries. Before leaving a room make sure that you close any open windows, a thief won’t stop just because you are in the house.  Do not leave anything – ladders, packing crates, skipping ropes even – that could help a thief to reach high up windows lying around. Keep the back door locked at all times – it’s easier than trying to remember to lock it every time you leave the house.  And if you are the type to forget your keys, leave a copy with a trusted neighbour and not under your doormat, it’s too easy for thieves to find.

Keep Valuables Hidden

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It’s not enough to make it hard for burglars to access your home – if they can see that there are valuable things inside, they’ll try to find a way in. Store expensive portable equipment, such as laptops, out of sight.  Make use of drawers and cupboards with doors for your DVDs and CDs.  If you have valuable jewelry, swanky gadgets or keep cash at home, consider buying a small safe to keep them in. Try to remember to put things away when you leave a room, that way you’ll have a tidy house as well as peace of mind.

Don’t Give Criminals Clues

Another window of opportunity for would-be burglars is when you’re away from the house.  If you’ll be on holiday, use timer switches for your lights to give the impression that you’re still at home. You can get different types of timers, the best ones can switch your lights on and off at various times of day.  But if all you can find is a basic one that lets you plug in a lamp that will still help.  These switches can also be attached to a TV or radio, reinforcing the impression that someone’s home. Another key clue for criminals is a calendar or family planner.  If it’s in clear view of a window, all a smart thief has to do is spot the nights when no one is at home, and come back then to steal your stuff.  Put your planner somewhere discreet if you need it, or get rid of it if you don’t.

Consider Installing A Security System

The measures mentioned so far have been simple and relatively cost-free.  But, to make your home even safer, you should consider installing security systems. There are many different security solutions on the market – from simple burglar alarms and unbreakable window barriers right through to CCTV security systems.

Most people would be well-advised to install a burglar alarm – as long as you set it every time you leave the house.  But even these have a huge range of capabilities, from simply scaring an intruder through to alerting the police. There are various types of window protections available, unbreakable windows, bars or barriers may be good if you have trouble with vandals.  Or even if you’re next door neighbour likes playing ball games and keeps smashing your windows. Security lights are less effective than alarms, but can be a good deterrent for burglars.  Anything beyond these measures, e.g. CCTV, is usually not necessary for private homes, unless you own particularly expensive items. Decide what level of security you actually need before you splash out.

It’s difficult to be sure that your home is 100% safe from burglars, but by following the pointers above, your family and your property will be safer than before.

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