Tips for Selecting the Right Bathtub For Your Home

The bathtub is quickly becoming the focal point of any bathroom. Whether you are looking for a modern bathroom with a clean bathtub design, or a French countryside bathroom with a beautiful clawfoot tub, there is a bathtub that will fit your style. However, due to their high price and installation difficulty, bathtubs are often overlooked when doing a remodel. This guide is here to help you select the right bathtub the next time your project list calls for a bathroom remodel.

Define Your Style

As stated above bathtubs come in so many sizes and options that the list can get frustrating. However, if you know what style you like, then you should be able to easily find a bathtub to work for you. So the first step in selecting a bathtub is to define the style you are looking to achieve with the bathroom.

The Modern Bathtub

The modern bathtub is defined by simple clean lines that allow it to complement the bathroom it is being installed in and not clash with the design. Modern bathtubs are often referred to as soaking bathtubs, and can add an undeniable beauty to the sleek look of your bathroom. These tubs can be installed in a three wall installation or in a drop in installation like the tub pictured. These tubs do require some type of walls for installation though so they are the type of tub that is generally used with bathroom remodels. These tubs can also have many add ones such as neck pillows and body jets.

Clawfoot Bathtubs

Clawfoot bathtubs are normally installed in bathrooms that are open and allow many different configurations for the way they can be laid out. The clawfoot bathtub adds an immediate look at me flavor to the bathroom it is being installed in, and works perfectly with a more vintage bathroom design. Another benefit of a clawfoot tub is that they have customizable feet to match both the style and the finish you are looking for. Make sure if you are selecting a clawfoot tub you realize they tend to be very heavy, so they are not a great option for upstairs installations. For a vintage look though, a clawfoot bathroom is the perfect selection.

The Freestanding Tub

If you love the look of the clawfoot tub but want to keep a modern design for your bathroom, you can consider a freestanding tub. These tubs are designed to be mountable in any location of the bathroom, but provide a sleek beauty that sets them apart from the vintage clawfoot tub look. They also do not require any walls for installation and can be more customized than a clawfoot tub.

Don’t Forget the Extras

The next extra you should consider concerns the type of bath faucet you would like to install. Most people go with a normal bathtub spout, but there are many other options like roman tub faucets with handshowers and wall mounted tub faucets that provide a better bathing experience. If you are installing a clawfoot or freestanding tub it is good to consider a faucet that has a hand shower so that you can easily use it for a better washing experience in your new tub.

These are a few of the considerations I would look into when selecting a new tub, but there are many other options available so if I left out something that you think is really important make sure you leave it in the comments!

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