Plan Your Garden in Four Easy Steps

It’s a new year and you may be keen to think about what your garden is going to look like in the summer, but have you really thought about what flowers are going to appear in which beds?

Making sure you’ve thought about a garden plan that allows you to enjoy the most of your garden is really important, as you put so much effort into cultivating your green space you’ll want to make sure it’s been worth all your time! Here are four tips on designing your garden to help you really get the most out of your hard work.

Map Out What You Have

Getting a really good idea of what you’ve already have access is the number one step to garden design success. While sounding obvious it’s an often overlooked step. Try accurately drawing out your garden: measure up beds, add the locations of sheds and huts and and what borders your garden – a large row of trees that lie on your neighbor’s property can potentially block your light and scupper any potential plans for a flower bed. Don’t forget to add in where north is so you can chart the sun’s path across your garden.

Once you’ve mapped it out, think about what areas you want to keep, and create a series of “blank” garden designs so you can experiment with a number of different options.

Think About Flow

The flow of your garden is an important consideration in your planning process. A garden can be used for many things depending on your needs and desires –  maybe it’s a place just to take in some sun, or possibly it allows you to see wonderful wildlife. Either way, thinking about how the garden flows is really important.

Consider your needs as you sketch the plan for your garden. How are people going to get around? Are there potential bottle necks? Can you open some space up, letting more light through? Could you even turn a pathway into a beautiful rose archway? Where will seating areas be? What about pockets of shade for a break from the summer sun? How you plan will define the kind of space your garden will be for you, your family members, and your friends.

Go Eco

Climate change is a hot topic right now. Making sure you do your part can be as simple as just devoting some of your garden to green solutions. For example, why not grow your own vegetables as part of the larger plan? Corner off one area of the garden and you’ll be harvesting your own produce in no time at all.

Another interesting solution that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of green power sources in the garden, such as solar panels or wind turbines. These can be used to save money and power your house but also help save the environment at the same time. Install a barrel to capture rainwater and use it to water your garden.

A Garden for All Seasons

When you’re marking up what flowers and plants to put in what beds make sure you think about the various seasons so that one particular bed doesn’t bloom in one season and then leave a bed barren for the rest of the year. Stagger your plants so that some are blooming in the spring, summer and fall – this will help your garden remain a special place to be no matter the time of year!

About the Author:

Vanessa Barlow works for Artscape garden design in Buckinghamshire.

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