Pink Girls Bedroom With Puppet Theater

Overall, pretty and pink bedrooms provide the flexibility to decorate within a color scheme, allowing for a great deal of embellishment depending on your child’s personal style. This pink bedroom decor, however, is a more delicate and streamlined option for decorating a bedroom for girls.

A Cottage Feel

One of the keys to the natural cottage feel of this pink girls bedroom is the presence of natural wood. The simple wood detailing at the top of the armoire and the bookcase brings the different elements of the room together in a cozy way. The top of the bookcase angled up toward the ceiling is a fabulous finishing touch that matches the armoire.

Stencils and Paint

The natural wood tones also lend themselves as a comfortable backdrop for the shades of pink on the walls, window treatments and furniture. The color isn’t overpowering, found in the ruffle of the window shade and monochromatically represented in the wallpaper. The pink is also well balanced by the presence of cream and green, and the patterns found in bedding and accessories compliment the furniture and the wallpaper.

The pink of this girls bedroom, however, is mostly found in the thoughtful details throughout the room. Using stencils and a steady hand, these delicate patterns can be placed in strategic areas around the room, as seen on the armoire and the drawers underneath the window.

Puppet Theater Headboard

The pink can also be found prominently in the headboard, which doubles as a puppet theater. The space behind the headboard is ready for puppet storage and fun. Simply slide back the painted window and accompanying curtains, and the show is ready to go on!

Finishing Details

There are a variety of details found throughout the room that make this pink girls bedroom complete. The window seat and throw pillows offer a little girl a great place to read, draw, or daydream. The shelves filled with stuffed animals offer a personal touch, and the lighting is soft and cozy.

While not overtly frilly, this bedroom does provide opportunities to increase the “frill factor” in a variety of ways. Instead of the bedding and window treatments shown, look for some that are more floral in design. Window treatments can really be a great place to add frilly fabric in the color scheme. Instead of stuffed animals on the shelves, opt for floral or slightly brighter decorations to decorate. Include prints or photos of bright flowers or floral scenes on a large wall.

This pink girls bedroom makeover is ideal for a child interested in imagination and play without a lot of frills.

Photos provided by Linda Moore Kurth of Whimsmoore, a provider of children’s toys, games, and the Elf of the Month Club.

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