One to Watch – TV frames and Interior Designs

Modern flat screen TVs are a great improvement on traditional models – offering simpler and easier designs which integrate into any style of interior design.  Generally requiring less space than the traditional hefty box a flat screen is certainly easier to handle.  Even so, a TV can take over a living room, but most modern flat screens can be incorporated with less effort than in the past.  Flat screens, like their traditional counterparts, do need a bit of consideration if they are going to fit in well.  TVs tend to be a focal point in many rooms and either designing the room around them, or camouflaging the TV and audio systems are ways to help to get around this problem.  Additionally TVs tend to be in rooms where there is a high level of ‘traffic’.  Children and animals in particular have a tendency to knock things over – not great when the ‘thing’ is an expensive flat screen TV!

Space – A Limited Frontier?

Not all living rooms are equal and one important reason for hiding the TV in many rooms is space.  For smaller living areas the need to keep TVs and other electronic equipment out of harm’s way may be partly due to space limitations.  In addition, there may also be aesthetic reasons to keep the TV either hidden, or limit the amount of space it takes up.  Simple wooden screens can be designed, built or bought to achieve this and can offer a flexible solution.  Where funds and space allow the TV could even be built into a wall or unit and covered by a sliding screen in the form of a picture when it’s not in use.

Dual Personality

Whether it is limited space or purely aesthetic considerations that require the TV to be less prominent in your home, another simple solution is to frame the TVTV frames are widely available and can be designed and built to your own specifications.  This option is actually among the cheaper solutions and yet is one of the most original.  TV framing options can include a traditional frame of any design, modern wooden finishes, painted or otherwise – to suit exactly your own décor.  Additional options include mirror glass – this is a great option that turns the TV into a functional and attractive item when it’s not in use.

Gadget-Free Living Without Losing the Gadgets

Today, more than ever before, we rely on electronic devices around our homes.  In many cases these are now hidden from sight, kitchen appliances have long since disappeared behind attractive units.  Creating a relaxing ‘gadget-free’ appearance is a priority for many homeowners and designers and a TV frame can certainly help to achieve this in living rooms and bedrooms.  Despite our plugged in lifestyles we still love to decorate our homes with traditional materials.  Framing your TV or hiding it in other ways offers the chance to incorporate traditional materials as part of your design and minimise the impact of the ‘box’.  By framing, camouflaging or building in your TV you can put the ‘home’ back into home entertainment!

TV Mirrors are an attractive, functional solution to the age old dilemma of where to hide the TV, create hand crafted frames for any size TV and to suit your personal interior design. 

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