Making the Most of a Small Kitchen Without Remodeling

While some of us dream of the massive kitchen replete with luxurious accouterments, an island and space enough to film a professional cooking show, all these things are not within the realm of reality for many homeowners with small kitchens. However this shouldn’t discourage those who want well-equipped kitchens from taking measure to bring their dreams closer to reality. There are many ways you can alter a kitchen without remodeling to maximize the space you do have.

1. One common challenge is a lack of counter space. In a kitchen, you simply need a certain amount of area to place the things that go in a kitchen. One immediate fix is choosing appliances wisely. Depending on how much counter space you have, choosing small appliances could help you equip the area to scale. There are many efficient appliances that offer large-kitchen luxuries in a compact form. These smaller appliances can also be stored in the cabinetry and brought out when the occasion calls for them; this will save even more space. It can be hard to give up the full-sized blender for a more compact one or forsake the four-slot toaster for one half its size, but you will benefit from less energy use, and more area to work within the kitchen.

2. Another tip for maximizing counter space is to simply get more. If your kitchen is large enough to accommodate a rolling or movable island, this can give you a bit more space to work with and look quite nice. These islands can run the gamut from cheap to expensive, but depending on your needs you can almost always find a quality item for a reasonable price.

3. In addition to counter space, storage space can be a problem. For years, I had no real place to put spices in my home, so they just sat in a cabinet, disorganized and ready for me to dig through them when the time came to cook. Something as simple as re-evaluating the way you store your things in cabinets can yield surprising space gains. Is everything organized in a logical way? How much space in your cabinets are you not using? These simple questions may help you find space you didn’t know you had.

4. Making use of your vertical space will help open up counter space, storage space and the walking area. Try storing utensils on the wall with pegs or clips. Any space you might have above cabinets is great for large items or those you don’t use very often, like crock-pots or salad spinners.

There are many more ways to maximize the space you have in the kitchen without knocking down a wall or remodeling. As they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way, so just think about what you need, what you want, and how to creatively achieve both those things!

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