Make Better Use Of Garden Seating

Not much is better than beautiful scenery, the scent of fresh air, and a fantastic meal enjoyed outdoors. Fun for children and adults alike, it also keeps the mess out of the house. It can be simple and cost effective to create a unique dining experience by making better use of garden seating.

Transforming an outdoor space begins with an assessment of what you already have. You can most often utilize what you already own in a new way. Instead of plunking down a picnic table in the middle of the yard, consider incorporating it as part of an outdoor living space.


There are three requirements for creating a garden space that will attract the family. It must be pretty, comfortable, and convenient. Here are nine tips to help you design an area that is high in style and usable.

  • Choose a spot that offers some shade. No one wants to relax in the hot sun, so shade should be an important consideration. If there are no shady spots in your yard, and you don’t have a covered patio, then consider building a gazebo or arbor.
  • Garden seating and tables can be refurbished. You don’t have a fortune buying high-end furniture. Arrange what you already have to ensure that there is adequate space for eating and conversation. Make or buy colorful cushions to add more comfort factor. Seating doesn’t have to be limited to the table. Scatter a few chairs around and add side tables to hold drinks and refreshments. Arrange the furniture the same way as you would if it were in your home.
  • Think about the ground. There is nothing wrong with just plain grass, except that it may start to wear thin under regular foot traffic. Patio spaces can be easily created using decomposed rock granite. Brick, tile, or stone can be used for a more sophisticated look.
  • Walkways can be made of the same materials mentioned above. They are extremely useful for covering up grass patches that have been worn out by kid and pets.
  • Exterior lighting can add a lot of ambience to outdoor gatherings. An alternative to hiring an electrician is to use solar lights. They are inexpensive, widely available, and look very nice.
  • Include a fun factor for the children. While kids love to eat outdoors, they also love to be able to play. Install a swing set, tree house, clubhouse, or other play areas within eyesight of your space.
  • Add a fire pit to make better use of your garden seating. This is a great way to bring some romance into the atmosphere. They are available in an array of sizes. Be aware of local fire codes. Some places require that a fire pit have an ash arrester in place to prevent fires.
  • An outdoor kitchen provides the convenience factor. It can be an elaborate space, complete with a refrigerator, granite countertops, and sleek appliances. An economical option is to add a long table beside the grill. This can serve as a place to prepare food and serve meals.
  • Decorate your space to make it pretty. Much as you would decorate the interior of your house, garden seating is much more attractive when it follows a theme. Adding outdoor rugs, throw pillows, and accessories that reflect personal style are very important.


Keith Barrett enjoys hosting garden parties. He believes that picnic tables can be used to allow guests to sit in the garden and enjoy a great meal.

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