Learning Your Way Around Your House’s Filters

Filters are among the most important health-related products in the home, but they also happen to be some of the products that homeowners think about the least.

There are numerous different types of filter products that can keep your family healthy by protecting you from harmful particles.

Filters can help you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Air conditioners and furnaces both utilize filters to function efficiently. When the filter is worn down from usage and not changed, the equipment is unable to function as efficiently. As a result of this, the equipment is forced to be used at higher levels for longer times – causing a rise in the operating cost.

The entire water supply in your house has a filter. The water you use to bathe yourself, wash clothes and dishes, and drink is all purified by filters. Needless to say, this is one filter that you shouldn’t allow yourself to forget about. It is commonly replaced every three months or so and it is not difficult to accomplish.

Before changing the filter make sure to turn off your home’s water supply. The next step is to release the pressure that is on the lines that hold the water filter. The filter is usually held inside of a plastic pipe type device to keep it in place. After unscrewing the pipe and removing the water filter, clean out the inside of the plastic container and replace the used filter with a fresh one. Turn the knob to allow the pressure to return and turn the water supply back on. If there is no leaking, then you have successfully changed your water filter.

It is also important to change your humidifier filters. Humidifiers can improve your health and help you avoid a number of problems.

Humidifiers moisturize the air. Dry air can cause sore throats, sinus infections, nose bleeds, and colds. A humidifier also cuts down the bacteria in the air and can protect your home’s interior.

People who own homes that have swimming pools have to be on top of their filter maintenance also. During the months that the pool is in use, the filter should be running 8 to 12 hours per day. Some people choose to leave the filter on continuously. This does ensure the water is clean, but it also puts more stress on the engine and will be more expensive.

The water that you drink should be filtered as well. Tap water in most areas is drinkable but there are many benefits to drinking filtered water; having a filter is cheaper than repeatedly buying bottled water. Filters remove chlorine and chlorine byproducts that can cause different types of cancer.

A filter in the shower is necessary as well because the chlorine in the water can cause rashes. Chlorine is also suspected cause of breast cancer and other diseases.

Keeping your filters clean is beneficial to you and your family. It may take a few minutes to change these filters but by doing so you may be adding a few years to your life.

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