Interior Trends for 2012

Interior design trends, just as with other fashions, tend to be cyclical, and the mantra for the next season looks to be “old ideas remodelled”. Elegance and striking colours are back in fashion, and instead of studying the colour wheel, designers are being encouraged to go for clashing colours, bright contrasts, and intense shades.

Think Outside the Box

Instead of opting for the muted colours and complementary shades of last year, decoration 2012 style means fluorescent colours, bright shades, and powerful accents. However, it’s not all harsh. To take the edge off the brightness, consider a few muted accents – for example wooden venetian blinds with natural tones, or pastel shaded throws.

Dare to be Different

Instead of opting for classic combinations such as black and white, or blue and grey, choose exaggerated and bold colours. For a feminine room, pick pink and white. For a study; black, brown and cinnamon. The options are endless. If you want something that will remain timeless, darker colours tend to stay in fashion for longer than bright colours, and are more likely to be thought of as “classy” than “tacky” even if they do go out of fashion.

Accessories Still Count

These overstated designs make accessories even more important. Badly chosen accessories will make a boldly coloured room look messy and chaotic, but carefully chosen accessories can make your design turn into a work of art. Opt for made to measure blinds, specially designed throws, matching lamp shades, and hand painted picture frames.

In the ideal room, every single item, furniture or decoration, is there for a reason. Made to measure blinds are selected because they fit perfectly and let in just the right amount of light. The cushions and throws add symmetry (or have been deliberately chosen to break it), and any hanging decorations are picked for their shape, size, and colour.

To the casual observer, modern interior design looks chaotic, but each piece is there for a reason. Achieving the “deliberately messy” look without crossing the line into “just plain messy” is difficult, and a true hallmark of skill.

Lighten the Mood

Lighting is an often overlooked part of decorating, but it is incredibly important. A poorly lit room feels smaller than it really is, and overly harsh lighting creates other problems. If you have migraine sufferers in your household, you’ll want to avoid certain harsh types of lighting because they can aggravate migraine headaches.

It’s a good idea to try to maximise the amount of natural light allowed into the room. Try using wooden Venetian blinds that open fully to allow light in during the day, and close to create an attractive accent to the room at night. Scatter lamps or wall lights around the room to light potentially dark corners, and add extra mood lighting, or utility lighting, as appropriate for the room itself. Remember that you don’t have to have all of the lights on at all times, and you can turn free standing lights into decorative items if you choose them carefully.

This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of Moonshadow Blinds, who offer made to measure blinds in a wide variety of styles, materials and colours.

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