Instant Hot Water Dispensers for any Kitchen

My husband and I were in our first home for five years. During that time, we tackled several remodeling jobs, including installing an instant hot water dispenser.

It wasn’t until we sold that house and moved into our second home that we discovered how much we had come to rely on this simple piece of equipment in our daily lives. An instant hot water dispenser is a valuable addition to any kitchen. Once you’ve used an instant hot water dispenser on a regular basis, it can be difficult to go without one.

Why Instant Hot Water?

Conveniently located at your kitchen sink next to the main water faucet, a hot water dispenser provides instant, near-boiling water for a variety of needs, including:

  • tea, hot chocolate, and other hot drinks
  • dissolving dried-on foods from dishes
  • preparing soups, gelatins, sauces, and cereals
  • preheating water for cooking
  • loosening tight lids
  • These are many more uses for an instant hot water dispenser – this product soon becomes one that you take for granted!

    What are Instant Hot Water Dispensers?

    Instant hot water dispensers are like electric hot water heaters that are mounted inside the cabinet underneath your kitchen sink. The tank holds water that is approximately 190 degrees that is ready for immediate use at this temperature, although the temperature can be adjusted. Water is released through a fixture separate from the faucet, usually through a twist or lever mechanism.

    The instant hot water dispenser heats water through an electric coil inside the mounted tank. Cold water travels from a cold-water pipe directly into the tank and up through the spout. Once the heated water comes out through the top of the tank and out of the faucet, more cold water fills the bottom of the tank.

    What to Look for in an Instant Hot Water Dispenser

    Not all hot water dispensers are the same. While they generally operate the same way, there are basic differences in options, faucet finishes, price, and warranty. It might help to start with a faucet and finish that complements your kitchen decor, then thoroughly research the brand and specific product, including reviews. Other elements to look for in an instant hot water dispenser include:

  • Stainless Steel Tank – In the past, these hot water tanks have been manufactured with linings made from plastic or fiberglass, but they can crack or burn, causing problems with your water output. Stainless steel tanks are strong and resist rust and leakage.
  • Easy Installation – If you want to install the instant hot water dispenser yourself, make sure the kind you want comes with installation instructions. This will save you a bit of money as well!
  • Warranty – It’s important to get a warranty for replacement of the unit or parts should something go wrong – usually the warranty is for about three years. Conduct a thorough inspection of the parts and the unit before the warranty expires in order to fix anything that could become a problem.
  • There are a few popular brands of instant hot water dispensers, including Waste King, Franke, Quick & Hot, and KitchenAid. These represent a range of cost and quality, so research your desired instant hot water dispenser thoroughly before making a purchase.

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