Illuminate Your Wooden Deck

You’ve spent money on wooden decking and your outdoor living area is looking good, but you want to add an extra touch. First off, winter is a good time to start preparing your patio so that it can be ready and raring to go when spring hits. Second, if you want a n affordable and high impact change to your living space then lighting is one of the best ways to do it. Not only is it functional, but it can make the space far more appealing to spend time in when the sun sets.

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Lighting Options

When looking at adding outdoor sparkle to your deck area, there are a variety of options to consider.

Post caps: These kinds of lights are a great way to illuminate the perimeter of your deck, as they can be custom made to fit any of the posts or fences which surround it. They can be made to blend in or to stand out as an ornamental focal point.

Stair lights: If you’ve got stairs built into your wooden decking then not only will they add additional safety measures to the area when using it at night, but they’ll light up the stairs in a visually appealing way too. Not only can you opt for coloured lights or alternate lights from step to step, you can also get lighting installed that turns off one step at a time as you walk on them.

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Rope lights: You can either wrap these around the perimeter of the deck or stairs, or strategically place them on the roof to add a soft glow from a

bove. Incandescent rope lights can work wonders to create a relaxing ambiance in your outdoor living area.

Benefits of Solar Lighting

The benefits of choosing solar lighting for your wooden decking area include:

  • They are easy to move around – without the added hassle of wiring and plugs you can change the look and feel of your outdoor area anytime you want.
  • They’ll save you money – not only will this kind of lighting give you years of use, it’ll also help you cut down on your electrical bill.
  • They’re energy efficient – because they run off the power of the sun, you don’t need to do any of the work – no need to flip a switch, pay for it or even feel guilty when you leave them on all night!

Photo by San Antonio and the Hill Country

All of the above lighting options are available in solar powered versions these days – if you already have electrical lighting outside, it couldn’t hurt to mix in solar powered lighting with the existing beams. Another great way to accentuate your outdoor area is to put lighting in a pond or a fountain if you have one.

The right lighting will not only increase the value of your property, it will add the benefit of more safety, and most importantly, it will be aesthetically pleasing and make the space somewhere you can’t wait to spend time in. Imagine solar glass bricks radiating light around your pool or rope lights strung in the trees around your wooden deck, all waiting to come alive when the sun goes down.

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