How To Keep The Neighbours Happy With Shutters

It’s always nice to get on with those living around you. There tends to be an unwritten rule and mutual respect in neighbourhoods regarding noise levels. It’s basic common courtesy to make sure that loud activities are carried out at sociable hours, however this is made extremely hard when living in a neighbourhood as people will go to bed and relax at different times. Whilst playing loud instruments or throwing wild parties may not be convenient for everyone close by – especially night workers – there are a few ways you can do this without infuriating the neighbours.

One way that some people may not consider is the use of wooden interior shutters. These are particularly effective when it comes to maintaining heat and making sure the elements don’t affect your comfort, and they can also help maintain status quo in the neighbourhood. It is a reciprocal measure, as they prevent excessive noise leaving and entering the home.

Not everyone has hobbies that are convenient for close-knit neighbourhoods. A key example of this is anyone who is in a band. If you’re just starting out then practice space is hard to come by, and when it is found it often tends to be expensive to hire. As you’ve not quite written that multi-platinum selling album just yet, hiring a practice space is likely to be an expense you could live without. As a result of this, the majority of people tend to practice in their homes or garages – causing hours of disruption and frustration for their neighbours seeking a quiet night in front of the TV.

It’s not just a case of having loud hobbies though. Some people may be self-employed and decide to work from home. Certain occupations, particularly ones like carpentry and other forms of manual labour, will require the use of loud tools which could cause a disruption to those in the surrounding homes. As these people are their own bosses, they can pick and choose their own hours – meaning that they may be working well into the night.

This also applies to pets. It is commonly said that a dog is a man’s best friend and whilst this may be true for the owner, it’s safe to assume that any neighbours woken up by a barking animal at 3am would beg to differ. Whilst it is sometimes impossible to appease a distressed canine, it is possible to subdue their howls to an extent.

With the use of shutters, it is possible to carry out noisy activities in the comfort of your own home without causing too much disruption to those that live close-by. They can be purchased from any home improvement store and easily fitted without much assistance. As with most window treatments, if you’re not too DIY-savvy then you can get them made to measure and even fitted by the company you purchase them from – sometimes free of charge.

Shutters provide noise insulation to your home, meaning that loud noises from both inside and outside the house can be softened. As a result, both you and your neighbours can carry out the activities you wish without getting involved in heated confrontations about respect and human rights. What’s more, there are a number of laws and legislations in place to combat such noise pollution which could end in a conviction and a fine. Fitting a pair of shutters is a small price to pay to avoid an excessive financial punishment.

Whilst shutters do not completely eliminate the noise, they do a fantastic job of scaling it down to a level where it shouldn’t affect the day to day life of those living nearby. This makes shutters a practical solution for both you and your neighbours as any disruption is kept to a minimum and good relationships should be maintained.

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