How to Cover Old Painted Concrete Walls

If you decide to improve the look of your concrete walls, the best way to do it is to remove the old paint, and then to apply a new fresh coat of paint.

You don’t need to be a handy man to do this job, anyone can do it. The final result is going to be amazing.

First step

Make a plan, choose a properly quality paint and the tools you are going to need for this job.

The tools you are going to use are: a paint scraper, a wire brush, a scrub brush, TSP (trisodium phosphate),putty knife, duct tape, plastic sheets, hydraulic cement, sealer for the concrete, paint brush paint roller and of course the paint.

Second step

Using your scraper you start to remove the old paint as much as possible. After that take the wire brush and finish the job, by taking off what is remain on the walls behind the scraping job.

Third step

Before you paint your walls, check its surface to be sure is free of dirt or grease and perfectly dry. Cleaning is a very important part of the job, if you want your wall to look good. For this you have to use TSP and the scrub brush.

Fourth step

Next step after you applied TSP to your walls is to rinse them with a lot of clean water. After that, your walls need between 4 or 5 days to be perfectly dry. Be sure you read manufactures instructions regarding the way you have to apply the patch and how long it takes to dry before you can do your paint.

Fifth step

If you find crack or holes on your walls, fill them. For this job you need hydraulic cement and the putty knife to fill the gaps.

Sixth step

Now you need to apply the sealer. Using a paint roller start to apply the concrete sealer and for the corners you can use a standard paint brush. Be sure your walls are sealed and you don’t have any leaks. Do the test. Put plastic sheets covering the walls of the room with channel around the edges and hermetic perfectly. Next morning check for condensation on your plastic. If you have any condensation, you did a good job and your walls are properly sealed.

Seventh step

Last step is to apply fresh paint or concrete stain to your walls. If you want a solid look or your walls, cover the concrete imperfections.

If your room is in the basement it will be a good idea to use a waterproof paint.

For a perfect job result use thin layers of paint or stain, and apply at least 2 coats.

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