Hottest Themes and Styles for Kitchens This Year

The hottest new kitchen trends include minimizing cluttered counter tops and carbon footprints. Extra storage, renewable resources and subdued color palates are “in” and looking better than ever. An established kitchen may need only a few changes to catch up with the latest styles. Remember that less is more in the modern kitchen. What is seen is not necessarily all there is to be seen: Appearances may be deceiving.

Go for the Green

Eco-friendly products and renewable materials are making a big impact on today’s kitchens. Natural design options like reclaimed wood and cork are becoming increasingly popular. Bamboo is a great choice for back splashes, cutting boards and flooring. Paints low in volatile organic compounds (VOC) are being used more than ever around the entire home. Paints high in VOC release toxins into the air, which can be particularly harmful in the kitchen. Environmentally friendly appliances are rated by Energy Star and display efficiency ratings. Energy efficient appliances, including convection ovens that can cook food 25 percent faster than traditional ovens, can save money by using less electricity to operate. Fluorescent or LED lighting also reduces cost for energy. Recycled counter tops can be made of salvaged glass, aluminum or paper, and they resemble the popular laminate styles that dominate the market.

Keep it Sleek

Stainless steel still reigns as the leader in appliance finish, but there is continued loyalty to clean white and solid black ovens and refrigerators. Many consumers are hiding their appliances, kitchen gadgets, spice racks and trash receptacles behind false cabinet fronts and sliding back splashes. Nearly everything that traditionally sits atop a counter can be concealed or integrated to create a minimal look. Dark wood and black cabinet finishes are replacing lighter stains, and classic white paint is making a comeback. Vertical lower cupboards have become second rate as drawer systems take control of the market. Cabinet pulls are losing popularity, though new kitchens see more horizontal stainless styles than any other. The overwhelming preference is to have drawers and cabinets with no handles for an uninterrupted line. Should styles change, cabinets and drawers without pulls can easily be updated for very little money.

Look Down

Hardwood floors, stone and porcelain tiles remain the leading flooring options in the modern kitchen, but there are a few subtle differences in styling. Hardwood floors may have wider planks and darker finishes. Stone flooring is incredibly durable and is widely popular for its natural beauty. New trends in stone tile include tumbled edges and different vein cuts. Porcelain is favored for its durability. It is fade-proof, dent-proof and waterproof. Porcelain tiles come in many shapes and finishes and may even look like wood grain planks. Porcelain is as popular for back splash application as it is for flooring because it is easy to clean and anti-microbial.

Create an Island Paradise

Islands and peninsulas continue to gain popularity in modern kitchens, particularly ones that are open to the home’s living space. An open kitchen design allows the kitchen to be a gathering place while food is being prepared, so they are appealing to families and people who like to entertain. Islands and peninsulas can add extra storage, seating, and counter space to a kitchen. Other configurations make islands the center of culinary action with built-in range tops and sinks. Islands can be tiered to offer both seating and a functional workspace. These islands are an excellent place for children to get involved with kitchen activities.

Go for the Gray

This neutral hue is popping up in the kitchen in big ways. Warm grays are becoming very popular for wall color. Paired with sleek white or dark wooden cabinets, gray is an inviting shade. Cabinetry is even being painted gray, which gives the entire space a trendy splash of color. Giving the kitchen a timeless look, grays mix well in varying shades including the farthest ends of the spectrum, black and white. Gray can easily mix with other colors from rich, royal shades to pastels to create a unique space and suit any personal style.

Make it Pop!

Tuscan Villa Kitchen Design

Depart from the kitchen theme with bright bursts of color. Select a stand mixer with an eye-catching hue that contrasts the backs plash. Hang a vibrant picture on open wall space. Jewel tones and neons are particular favorites for kitchen interest. This is likely due to the influence of European style, which may boldly use such shades for the cabinets and back splashes. These bursts of color are easily exchanged and make it possible to give the kitchen a different feel with minimal effort.

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