Hot Interior Design Trends For 2011-2012

Interior design trends for 2011-2012 are all about embracing something out of the ordinary, something that we would normally shy away from lest others find the overall look “overwhelming.” Bold designs and vivid colored furniture and accents eye-catching bright colored rugs and carpets, contrasting beautifully with classic white, soft cream, grey-brown, and black walls — an interesting blend of minimalist and luxurious — these are the “in” thing for 2011 and 2012.

You can always rely on softer shades to create a calm and soothing atmosphere. But if the intent is to shock, to assail the senses, or to create a more lasting visual imprint, the key is to opt for a little drama — mixing vivid color shades like mustard yellow and red, green and orange, yellow and turquoise.

Modern shabby nouveau meets industrial chic

Furniture designers are pairing off metal and warm wood elements to create a more edgy look that will blend perfectly with any decor. Utilitarian with a sprinkling of elegance means rustic sophistication.

Texture  is in

Texture adds character and depth to a room. When incorporating texture into your interior design, go for contrast (e.g. smooth and rough) to make it more interesting. Using velvet and corduroy fabrics, cross-stitch, braided rugs, and quilts are excellent ways to bring texture into your home.

Multipurpose to hide and seek

Furniture or home fixtures that have dual purpose help you make the most of limited space and reduce clutter. Staircase steps that double up as drawers, hallway bench with hidden storage, an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table are creative ways for you to conserve space. The key is to pick pieces that are foldable or collapsible.

Carpet that dazzles

Red carpet does not only belong in Hollywood. Fiery red velvet saxonies make for an elegant red carpet entrance and work well in light-traffic areas like your living room. Carpets with avant-garde patterns that grab one’s attention and add drama to any room are the order of the day for 2011 and 2012.  These days carpet designers look at the fashion world for inspiration, catering to a growing number of customers that want to create a special look for their home.

Romantic style is always in demand

Design trends come and go but romantic style never goes out-dated and will remain a favorite interior design choice for 2011 and 2012. Pale shades of gold and pink, floral motifs, flowing drapes, natural wood flooring, huge paintings of flowers and beautiful sceneries — classic, luxurious, feminine and ultra-relaxing, the romantic style is your best bet if you want a home with a timeless appeal.

When designing your home and considering which style to adopt, it is always a good idea to make sure the elements don’t clash with your own tastes and personality. Letting your own individuality shine through the interior design and making the look as unique as possible will help create an abode you will really be proud of and which you will be  excited to come home to.

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