Fluorescent Lighting

We’re all familiar with fluorescent lighting in one form or another.

Almost all of us have worked in offices where the glow of fluorescent lights hummed overhead! In recent years, however, compact fluorescent bulbs that can be used interchangeably in sockets originally designed for incandescent light bulbs has brought the use of functional and decorative fluorescent lighting into the home both inside and out.

Fluorescent Lighting

For years fluorescent lighting makers focused on fluorescent lighting fixtures that held elongated tubes. These fixtures are common in many public buildings and facilities. They can be installed in exterior areas that need strong illumination, for instance under a covered porch or patio. The intense white light from these tubes can be harsh, however, and unnatural and may not be the best choice for your home lighting needs.

A better solution would be the new compact fluorescent bulbs that are interchangeable with normal incandescent bulbs. Especially when placed in fixtures with colored or shaded covers, the light from these bulbs is gentle and pleasing, offering a variety of potential uses. Green shaded lights cast on plants, for instance, will enhance their appearance in the evening.

You can use blue lights outside around a pool, and soft amber lighting is nice for areas where people will congregate or sit and talk.

Beyond their ability to lower energy costs and the fact that they are environmentally friendly, fluorescent strip lighting and other kinds of fluorescent bulbs emit less heat than incandescent bulbs. This helps keep your electricity bill under control. Also, if used on your porch or deck on a summer night, the bulbs won’t produce much heat.

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